Annabella Cook – Chief Editor

Annabella is a journalism majors with a flair for the world of style, fashion and entertainment. Before joining Stylish Magazine, Annabella worked for a number of showbiz magazines as a contributing editor. Justine currently handles all the editorial aspects of Stylish Magazine.

Editor’s Staff:

Jenette Gimson – Contributor

Jenette is a journalist specialising in fashion, lifestyle and current trends in the fashion industry. Originally from London, she has lived in Seoul and Tokyo. She enjoys international dialogue, animals and coffee.


Samuel Scott – Contributor

Samuel holds a masters in computer science, but his love for movies and everything that goes into making them forced him to divert his strength to entertainment world. He has been interviewed a number of celebrities in his previous jobs.


Richard Austin – Contributor

Richard is a journalism graduate, online copywriter and a contributor at the Stylish Magazine. He specialises in home interior, sports and entertainment. He dedicates her spare time to playing professional football.