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Juan Carlos Navarro Arrives In NBA 2K21

Juan Carlos Navarro arrives in NBA 2K21 with the first update of Spanish players.

Season 5, Era de Héroes of the My Team mode of ‘ NBA 2K21 ‘ has introduced the first update focused on Spanish players in its history. And not only does it include new cards and content, but it also marks the debut of Juan Carlos Navarro in the mode and his return to the NBA 2K franchise for the first time since NBA 2K17.

Navarro’s letter (Opalo Galaxia) commemorates the season he played in the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies (2007-2008), in which he averaged almost 11 points per game and equaled the record for 3s scored by a rookie in a single game with 8.

This card can be obtained in the Flash Super Packs for a limited time, along with new versions of two other great Spanish talents: Marc Gasol (Amethyst) and Juancho Hernangómez (Rubí). Players who get Gasol and Hernangómez will be able to deliver these two cards in the “The Exchange” to get Ricky Rubio Pink Diamond, a reward that also debuts now.

Finally, in the same way, a new Challenge game has been added that challenges us to face the best Spanish players who have passed through the NBA. Those who overcome it will get the first card from Jose Manuel Calderón in ‘NBA 2K21’, a Ruby version representative of his years in the Toronto Raptors, which will also evolve to become a Diamond.

This update highlights the increase in the presence of Spanish players in the mode, which also has Pau Gasol (Opal Galaxia) as the final reward of the “Limited” mode this season, and with a letter from Rudy Fernández (Diamond) that it has been highly appreciated by the community.

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