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The Tortured Disabled Man That He Did Not Know How To Stop

The tortured disabled man told the police that he “did not know how to stop”. The victim tried to leave on Sunday morning, after two days of harassment

I didn’t know how to stop . The 34-year-old man with a 38% intellectual disability who was tortured in Manacor told the police that when he tried to leave on Sunday morning, one of the assailants threatened to hit him . He stayed out of fear.

The National Police arrested the seven youths, between the ages of 20 and 30, who allegedly participated in the torture . The mother of one of the girls , who was on the floor when the events occurred, has given a statement to the Police as an under investigation.

The detainees had responded to an advertisement posted by the victim on Friday, in which he offered up to 3,000 euros to participate in a kind of contest, with tests and punishments . Last Friday he went with them to an apartment in Manacor. There he was subjected to torture for two days.

On Sunday morning he told them that he wanted to leave because he was not feeling well , but one of the young men threatened to beat him if he did not pay them. The man explained to the police that he felt scared. The young men took his cell phone and wallet from him and finally let him go looking for the money.

The Police try to determine to what extent the harassments were consented. In any case, they indicate that even with the consent of the victim, the injuries continue to constitute a crime , although the severity can be reduced. But this possible reduction does not exist in cases of minors or people with intellectual disabilities .

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