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Marc Gasol Tells How The Coronavirus Has Happened

Marc Gasol returned to play with the Los Angeles Lakers after nine games of absence due to the coronavirus and, in statements to Efe after the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers (101-109), confessed that this period of loss and recovery has not been something easy for him.

“They have been long and difficult weeks. But always thinking about the improvement, in the health of others, trying to overcome the infection . And right now thinking about improving each game for the play-off,” he explained.

The Spaniard, who entered the coronavirus protocol on March 2, returned to the field today but with restricted minutes as part of his adaptation process.

Gasol started, played 15 minutes and had 5 points (1 of 2 shooting), 2 rebounds and 2 assists against 2 losses.

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Especially in the first quarter, the presence of the pivot contributed to order both the attack and the defense of some Lakers full of casualties and that today did not have the injured LeBron James and Anthony Davis either.

“I’m happy to be back, happy to be with my teammates, and obviously I’m not so happy about the loss, ” he said.

“But I am happy to be able to be on the track and to enjoy what I do , as we are very lucky to be able to do it,” he added.

Gasol admitted that, considering that he has practically not been able to train in recent weeks , he felt on the track today “better than expected”.

The Spaniard drew attention to the severity of the coronavirus: “It (the infection) affected me strongly for about five or six days,” he said.

“I couldn’t move much, but the worst symptom for me was headaches and shortness of breath. Especially when I was trying to move or go upstairs, that ‘s when I realized how hard it was and how hard it was. impacting my body, “he detailed.

Gasol also said that little by little he is recovering his senses of taste and smell . “It is something serious,” said the pivot, referring to the fact that the virus also spread through his home.

“Even doing all the right things (like wearing the mask), you can still get it,” he added.

If the recovery process continues as planned and there are no setbacks, Gasol will play with the Lakers on Friday against the Cleveland Cavaliers to continue his plan to rejoin the purple and gold team.

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