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Almost Two Years Of Disagreements Between Ayuso And Aguado

The relationship between Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Ignacio Aguado has always had more shadows than lights and the divorce from their Government seemed the chronicle of a death announced after all. From the beginning, the disagreements have been almost constant and have been maintained until the end , that is, until the president has decided to dissolve the Assembly in response to the motion of censure against the PP in Murcia.

The last friction was very recent and occurred when Aguado explained at a press conference that people vaccinated with the two doses against the coronavirus should be able to move freely throughout the national territory , an idea that is being studied in some countries of the European Union . Ayuso quickly stepped out to say that the “opinion” of Ciudadanos did not agree with that of the PP.

The influence of Vox
Another element that has ‘bothered’ Citizens more than the PP in the context of their agreement has been the role of Vox. In fact, the regional government has failed to approve the Budgets.

PP and Cs closed a principle of agreement from the Government in January but then a negotiation with Vox began that has not been resolved , with elements on the table such as the so-called parental pin, which Ayuso has fitted but does not like in the orange ranks .

Archive – PSOE spokespersons, United We Can and More Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo; Isa Serra, and Pablo G. Perpinyà, respectively at the Madrid Assembly.

The elections in Madrid, in doubt: the left presents a motion of censure that would make it impossible to call it.

Beyond personal differences, PP and Ciudadanos have even marked a ‘group’ distance within the Executive. For example, when Ayuso did not invite Manuel Jiménez, Minister of Economy, of Cs , to a meeting with businessmen at the end of last year. Drop by drop, the Government tried to give an image of stability, but the disagreements followed one another.

The Avalmadrid case
Surely the most notorious was the one related to the creation of the Avalmadrid commission to investigate the alleged irregularities in the granting of aid from the public company to the father of the current president (now in office). At that point, Ignacio Aguado assured that “his hand” would not shake to fight corruption . Cs’s message remained in the terms used in the campaign: they are, they say, the party of regeneration.

Nor did they agree on Telemadrid. Isabel Díaz Ayuso was in favor of austerity with the public channel , but Aguado distanced himself from it and was resounding: “What works should not be touched.”

And it is that in the context of the pandemic there have also been distances, such as the one that occurred when the Minister of Social Policies, Alberto Reyero, when requesting the intervention of the Army, something to which the president opposed and, she said, on what had not been consulted.

Later, Reyero would end up resigning. During the pandemic, he had a disagreement with the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero (PP), for the health management of nursing homes, mainly because of his critical stance on hospital referral protocols.

It was on account of a draft in which the transfer of elderly people with disabilities and respiratory infections who could not walk by themselves to hospitals during the health crisis was rejected .

The former Citizen Councilor described as “immoral” and even “illegal” that document which, according to Escudero, was a “draft” sent by “mistake” to the centers, a version that contrasts with the up to four emails sent by Health to Social Policies requesting the transfer of the text to the centers.

The aparthotel … and the signing of Garrido
Citizens and PP also showed their differences in the Room Mate case, which ended with the dismissal of the technical secretary general for Social Policies, Miguel Ángel Jiménez. It was related to Ayuso’s accommodation in an apartment hotel owned by Kike Sarasola during the hardest phase of the pandemic , just when the president herself passed the disease.

It was in May when the Madrid Transparency Portal published an item of more than 800,000 euros for Room Mate, in relation to the adaptation of its hotels to precisely face the collapse of patients. They claimed that the publication was a “human error”, but the PP were not convinced by that explanation.

And it is that even the discrepancies come from long before. We must even go back to the electoral campaign of May 2019, when Ciudadanos announced the signing of Ángel Garrido, former president of the Community of Madrid with the PP , for their lists. Garrido, now Minister of Transport, was going to go on the European lists of popular ones, but in a twist of the script he joined the orange ranks amid harsh criticism of Casado and Ayuso’s proposals.

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