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Ayuso Calls Elections On May 4

The president of the Community of Madrid , Isabel Díaz Ayuso , has decided to resign from her duties and call elections this Wednesday, after the motion of censure by Cs and PSOE in the Region of Murcia . He has also dismissed all the directors of Cs and the vice president Ignacio Aguado . The president has given an order to dissolve the regional Assembly at 12 noon, according to sources around her.

The decision has been taken to stop ” a motion of censure ” of socialists and oranges in the region, according to the president herself in a brief public appearance. “I do not want them to snatch the future of Madrid in the offices without them speaking at the polls,” he asserted.

Result of the regional elections in the Community of Madrid.
What is the current mathematics in Madrid? This is the calculation of seats for a change of government

The elections in the Community of Madrid will be on May 4 , Tuesday. The date of the march of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime, which in its article 42 indicates that after the dissolution of an autonomous chamber, the ballot boxes will be placed 54 days after the dissolution decree.

” I have been forced to make this decision for the good of Madrid and Spain and against my repeated will to exhaust the legislature,” the president began by saying, in a speech in which she was surrounded by all the PP advisers and which lasted just four minutes. Subsequently, it has been known that Ayuso has dismissed all the Citizens councilors.

“I put my position at the disposal of the people of Madrid, who, with their vote, will decide next Tuesday, May 4, what policies they want for their administration, ” he added. The Madrilenian president has added that she does not want the future of the Madrilenians to “be taken away” from their offices without them speaking first at the polls. Even the president has opined that in those elections the Madrilenians will have to choose between “socialism” and “freedom.”

” If I did not make this decision, citizens and the PSOE would have presented a motion of censure , something that they have already spoken about repeatedly,” said the president, an assertion that Vice President Ignacio Aguado has described as false . “I listen with amazement to the president at her press conference. LIES. What irresponsibility, please,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The call for the elections: an announcement from Aguado at 12.30
Before the president, the announcement of the elections was already known because Vice President Aguado has revealed it . After 12.30 pm, the Cs sector of the Government has urgently summoned the media at the vice-presidency headquarters after suspending the usual press conference after the Governing Council. In these statements, Aguado has called the president’s decision “irresponsible”.

” It is the greatest irresponsibility that he has committed since he assumed the presidency of the Community of Madrid . Not only because Madrilenians need stability above all else, but because there are more than 400 people admitted to hospitals, 94,000 more unemployed people in our region “, he pointed out.

In the early afternoon, the Presidency of the Government reported that Díaz Ayuso had signed the dismissal of the vice president and all the councilors of Cs de la Comunidad . Aguado has criticized this decision by Díaz Ayuso because it assumes that “everything is paralyzed for at least four months in the worst pandemic we have experienced.”

“You call for elections because it has come to you that there is going to be a motion and it is a lie. I have no words to define it or to apologize to the citizens. They see how their businesses are closed, how they continue in the ERTE and now they find an electoral call It is insane, “said the vice president so far in an interview on esRadio.

PSOE and Más Madrid present motions of censure
The equation in which the Community has remained after the announcement, already complex in itself, has become even more complicated when Más Madrid and the PSOE have registered in the Assembly motions of censure with candidates for the presidency of the Community, after Aguado’s appearance. More Madrid, has proposed Mónica García, while the Socialists have once again nominated Ángel Gabilondo.

The Table of the Madrid Assembly has qualified, a few hours after they were presented, the motions of censure registered this morning by the Socialists and by Más Madrid after the announcement by Isabel Díaz Ayuso in which she communicated her intention to dissolve the courts and call elections for next May 4.

It should be remembered that in the parliamentary body the Socialists and those of Ignacio Aguado, recently dismissed as vice president, have a majority.

The Assembly admits the motions of censure against Ayuso de PSOE and Más Madrid
The presentation of the motions has raised a complex legal debate , which will have to be resolved in the next few hours, on the announcement of elections for the president. The hemicycle cannot be dissolved and elections cannot be called if there are motions of no confidence presented, so it will have to be clarified what has happened before : if the decision of the president or the movement of the opposition groups.

Another element that the Madrid legal services will have to resolve will be when the decree calling for elections of the president becomes final : if with the signature of Díaz Ayuso or with its publication in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM).

In addition, sources from the Madrid Assembly have explained that the censure motions must be qualified by the Assembly Table -where PP, Cs and Vox have a majority of votes right now-, so the mere registration would not mean that they would acquire full legal validity.

“The Board of the Assembly, after verifying that the motion of censure meets the requirements indicated in the previous section of this article, will admit it for processing”, reflects article 188 of the chamber regulations.

According to sources in the vicinity of Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community has signed the decree to dissolve the Assembly and call elections at 12 noon , after deliberation by the Governing Council, which had been meeting since 10 a.m.

“The decision is decreed at that time and is published in the BOCM the next day,” these same sources have added, as established in article 42 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime , which also establishes that the elections will be 54 days after dissolution of the chamber. “Any motion of censure is subsequent to that decision,” they have added in this regard.

In Más Madrid they have insisted that their motion of censure is presented before the signing of the president’s decree. “There are commissions that have been held so far so the Assembly is not dissolved,” sources from Más Madrid have indicated at 2:00 p.m. this Wednesday.

Article 42 LOREG: “In the cases of elections to General Courts or Legislative Assemblies of the Autonomous Communities in which the President of the Government or the respective Presidents of the Autonomous Executives make use of their power of early dissolution expressly provided for in the legal system , the convocation decrees are published, the day after they are issued, in the Official State Gazette or, where appropriate, in the Official Gazette of the corresponding Autonomous Community. They enter into force on the same day they are published. summons indicate the date of the elections to be held on the fifty-fourth day after the summons.

Image of the PSOE spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Ángel Gabilondo and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during a plenary session of the Assembly.

The Assembly admits the motions of censure against Ayuso de PSOE and Más Madrid
The Table of the Assembly has met urgently at 2.30 pm, a meeting in which it has qualified the motions of censure registered this morning by the Socialists and by Más Madrid . This has been confirmed by parliamentary sources at 20Minutos .

“The Table of the Assembly has qualified the motions of censure presented by Más Madrid and PSOE”, has indicated a spokesman that, nevertheless, has not clarified what legal meaning has this step.

Despite the fact that the polls are going to be put in Madrid in 2021, a four-year period is not inaugurated , since according to current law there must be elections every four years in the region. Thus, if the last ones were in 2019, in the spring of 2023 there should also be elections.

“The new Chamber that results from the electoral convocation will have a limited mandate for the natural term of the original legislature”, includes article 21 of the Community Statute.

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