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Social Agents Accuse Escrivá Of Blocking The Negotiation

The meeting held this Friday between the Government and social agents to extend the temporary employment regulation files (Erte) until January 31 has ended again without agreement and with complaints from unions and employers for the absence, in the last two meetings, of negotiators from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations. At the meeting, some progress has been made in relation to the Ministry of Labor, such as extending the term of the “counter to zero” of the strike until June 2022.

According to both CCOO and UGT sources, at the meeting this Friday there have been no “global” advances in the negotiations due to the “repeated absence” of the Ministry of Social Security, which the union accuses of “blocking” the table and thus make it difficult for the ERTE renewal to arrive on time (the current regulation ends on September 30).

“The absence of this Ministry implies a lack of respect for the social dialogue process itself and for the people who are in Erte,” the Unai Sordo union denounced. The Ministry of Escrivá depends, among other things, on exemptions in Social Security contributions from companies in Erte.

UGT, for its part, also speaks of “paralysis of the negotiating table” in the absence of Social Security, as this is preventing progress on issues such as exemptions or training that the Government wants to link with the Erte.

“We regret that the absence of a part of the Government prevents us from advancing in an agreement that should reach the Official State Gazette (BOE) as a matter of urgency,” the UGT sources have pointed out.

Also the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has complained today from San Sebastián about the absence of this Ministry at the negotiating table and has wondered what would have happened if the CEOE had not been presented.

Garamendi sees it as “complicated” to reach an agreement on a new extension of the Erte before the Council of Ministers next Tuesday, because “it is not very serious”, he said, that the Government “call them or the papers are presented two days ago” , when it is “a very important issue for thousands of companies”. “We are talking about 270,000 jobs,” he recalled.

The Ministry denies the blockade
For their part, sources from the Ministry of Social Security consulted by Europa Press have assured that “dialogue is not being blocked” from their Department and that it is working on a new document to present it as soon as possible to the social agents.

These sources specify that the issues raised by unions and employers in previous meetings are “complex” and that the Ministry is preparing a technical proposal that includes some of the elements transferred by social agents.

Advances to extend the stop counter to zero
Apart from the controversy generated by the absence of the Ministry of José Luis Escrivá among social agents, CCOO sources do highlight “progress” in those matters that depend directly on the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, such as the extension of the term of the ‘counter to zero’, which currently ends on December 31 and allows protected workers to receive the extraordinary benefit without consuming their unemployment rights.

Sources of the social dialogue have explained to Efe that the term of the “counter to zero” will be extended until June 2022 , although the UGT has advocated that it should reach until December 31 of next year.

Likewise, progress has also been made in maintaining the limitation Ertes in case Covid outbreaks arise that restrict the activity of companies to some extent.

“But we have to wait for there to be a global proposal, which involves the two ministries,” underlines CCOO, who assures that in the next meeting there is a commitment that a new text will be taken.

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