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Five Most Dangerous Roads In The World Not Suitable For The Heart

If you like to drive and feel that adrenaline rush in your body when your hands melt on the wheel, this article may interest you. If you also like strong emotions, there are several roads capable of taking your heart out of your chest due to their dangerousness.

On World Road Day, which is celebrated every October 11 to commemorate the world’s first road congress, we select these heart-stopping roads.

  1. Highway in Guoliang Tunnel in China
    This incredible road is found inside a tunnel in the Taihang Mountains (China). It was hand-carved by the residents of a semi-isolated village in the mountains that, over time, became a major tourist attraction.
  2. Iroha Zaka Highway of Japan
    The Iroha-Zaka Highway is a winding road located in Japan that connects the towns of Nikko and Okunikko. Its incredible curves make for a slow and uncomfortable ride for those who easily get dizzy in a car.
  3. Highway of death in Bolivia
    With just three meters wide, driving on this road is synonymous with dangerousness. Located in Bolivia, this highway does not have a guardrail, which makes it more unsafe. As if this were not enough, it is located at 3,600 meters high and can be circulated in both directions.
  4. The Stelvio Pass in Italy
    This road is paved by the highest elevation in the eastern Alps. Its more than 40 curves make it one of the most spectacular roads in the world. The views of the alpine landscape are spectacular.
  5. North Atlantic Highway or Atlanterhavsveien (Norway)
    The ‘Atlantic road’ is one of the most impressive that you can travel after your passage through Norway with its 8 kilometers long. Its route connects the coast of Hustadvika with the island of Averøy. This island was originally going to be a railway line in 1909 , but the Norwegian government decided to scrap this idea during 1935.

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