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A pet or companion animal is an animal kept particularly for a person’s company, protection, entertainment or as an act of compassion.


For some people they are just animals that live with them and they feed those animals daily but for most people pets are not just animals, but their best friends and companions, they live with, talk to and share their place of living; that is their home, their territory with them.


You can pet so many animals such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits etc but the best animal you can ever pet is a CAT! 

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Cats make best pets ever. They are your companions in everything, cute as hell and oh-so-adorable creatures like is there even a reason not to keep a cat as a pet? No, there isn’t.
Cats are extremely cute and affectionate and if their purrrr doesn’t melt your heart we don’t know what else would.
Here are seven reasons you need to consider to pet a cat:


#1 Cats offer healthy companionship:

Cats are best companions; you can ever have besides your soul mate of course, well sometimes even better, haha! Yes, no kidding. Cats make great companions since they are extremely affectionate and sweet and like to cuddle with you most of the times, so if you are tired and depressed and frustrated because of workload or any other stress causing issue, your cat can just sit with you, starts playing with you purposelessly and in quite a short while, what happens? You forget what you were stressing about and all you remember is that furrball roaming around and makes you wanna smile just by looking at that adorable face, this is not just an understatement, cats actually helps you zone out of your depressive mood and makes you feel better which is why cats are brilliant choice as pets cum companions.

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#2 Cats are low maintenance and independent:

Some people consider owning pets a great responsibility; obviously it sure is, but when it comes to keeping a cat as a pet in your house, you need to worry less about your responsibilities towards this matter.


Since cats can feed themselves (just keep their food in their range, lol) you can leave them on their own for a day or two, just make sure you cat has plenty of food, water and a litter box by their side and she can manage herself, that too just fine. They can go anytime they want to and have their snack and then get back to playing and just sitting on their cute bums the whole day.


Cats don’t make much mess and mostly spends time playing around or they just sleep – take short frequent naps in a day. Their food items and milk is not expensive and everyone can easily afford these items. You don’t need some separate pet house for them; they can sleep with you on your bed or under it. YEAH!


Image result for cats are independent#3 Cats groom themselves and they don’t need frequent bathes:

Cats are very independent animals, you don’t need to be around them 24/7 and worry about their hygiene and cleanliness.


In fact they are the epitome of cleanliness, naturally equipped with the implements to groom them: a barbed tongue with which they lick themselves, forepaws they moisten with saliva and use as a surrogate washcloth and teeth to dig out tougher debris. You’ll be surprised to know that adult cats mostly spend almost half of their waking hours in grooming and cleaning themselves, their friends and relatives, hehe.


New born kittens being extremely small to clean themselves depend on their mothers for cleaning and grooming, right after giving birth, mother cats start licking their kittens to clean them, prompt them to release urine and feces and rouse to comfort them. Kittens usually start grooming themselves as soon as they reach 4 weeks of age.

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#4 Cats are extremely loving and affectionate:

As we have mentioned earlier as well that cats are extremely affectionate and kind towards their humans, they would just offer their unconditional love and make them feel better any time of the day and literally just every day. Cats are love! They would lick their humans as a display of love and affection.


Also, they are extremely intuitive and won’t let you be sad for a longer period of time and show you how much they love you by purring and meowing and simply snuggling with you and automatically that’s boosts up your mood and help relieving you of stress and think clearly. Cat owners can get rid of their stress and tension by simply by rubbing their furry heads, gently.


Petting a cat releases Endorphin in your brain that makes you happier and less depressed. Also, cats have the softest fur and you can relieve yourself of your daily stress and tension by playing with them.


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#5 Cats keep you house rodent-free:

Cats love their territory and don’t like any kind of interference and will keep on killing every other little creature that invades your privacy and messes with your peace. It’ll kill all the bugs and spiders, also rats and other rodents to keep your house clean and peaceful. You might give your cat a prize every time it makes you proud by doing such ventures. Tehe!

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#5 Cats makes you appreciate outside world & nature:

If you are a cat owner, you would definitely know how much of a nature lover a cat is. They simply don’t like staying in all day, instead they would like you to open those thick curtains and raise the blinds on your window to watch the outside world with great fascination.


Yes, cats can simply sit and keep looking outside as it’s the most catchy and beautiful sight ever or if there is some kind of interesting activity going over there in your yard. If you own a cat, you would know how fascinating it is to just sit in peace and watch the bird’s fly, squirrels climb up the tree or lizards moving quickly here and there.


Related image#6 Cats keep you entertained:

Cats are amazing entertainers and won’t let you get bored at all. They’ll keep your mind occupied and won’t let you over-think stuff and panic about useless things. They will keep on chasing different things especially a ball. Playing with strings, yes they are crazy for string toys, sometimes they don’t even need string toys, they will simply makes their own from a plain thread or a ball of yarn.


Cats can spend hours playing with these toys and they love this activity like anything! Not just your cat keep itself entertained by doing all this but you as well, it will accompany you and relaxes your mind and prevent you from worrying about useless stuff and doing irrelevant stress causing activities. You’ll simply love spending your free time with your cat and will be able to enjoy it as well.


Image result for cats keep you entertained#7 Cats play a role in improving your mental health:

Owning a cat will improve your mental health by reducing stress factors, depression, sadness and anger. It will reduce your cortisol levels which lead to reducing stress in your mind. You should thank your cat if you own one for offering so many good things in life.

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So, if you do not own a cat, you definitely should think about owning one, since cats are adorable munchkins which cause 24/7 happiness and reduce stress levels to a greater extent. You can play and talk with them in your leisure time and take them out for a walk when bored and you both can have a quality time together in the outside world. Cats are family; they will love you just like a family member does and makes you happy, healthy and satisfied with life by offering simple pleasures.

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