Just like everybody else we’re  shook by the “world record egg” that broke the internet by uploading a picture that has nothing but an egg. Yes that.


It’s only the start of 2019 and we have started to see it getting LIT already! On January 4, 2019 there’s a posting happened on Instagram that showed us an egg and said they want to break Kylie Jenner’s record of the most liked photo on Instagram. Three days ago the post was edited and now it says that “beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million) WE GOT THIS!” with hash tags used as “like the egg” “egg soldiers” and “egg gang” wow that’s just an egg beating clinchers lol! Isn’t that huge?




The internet is literally on fire these days. Initially it all started as fun and games and looked like another attention seeking venture that’d just come and then go away like so many others. People took it as a joke though but the likes started to be poppin’. And guess what?!!! Within a few days what actually happened is that it actually broke Jenner’s record of getting 18 million likes on one of her instagram posts that featured his daughter Stormi Websers’ after her being born as kylie Jenner’s daughter, lol. We didn’t see that coming though, did you?


The photo is currently having 42 million likes and still counting, amazing to see how an egg came hatching on the internet and not only it got everyone’s attention and heart in the form of a like but also beat the world famous Kylie Jenner who also owns one of the most popular and most followed account on Instagram, as it has gotten more number of likes than any of her posts ever gotten. Haha! We literally didn’t see that coming, nobody did in fact!


The game has not ended yet and we ain’t no kidding, it actually is very very popular, now that all the other brands are also featuring it in their new designs and jewellery and stuff. One day ago, Burberry the famous fashion brand that most famous for their ready-to-wear outfits, fragrances, fashion accessories, sunglasses and cosmetics, posted a picture of a cracked egg on their instagram page and according to Vogue; it has gained the last laugh in the Instagram egg battle. Their post has gained 38k likes so far but this brand is winning this social media battle that’s currently grippin’ the internet.

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Kingdom . #BurberrySpringSummer19 . Coming soon

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On the other side, Kylie didn’t take this whole egg being the boss situation easy and two days ago, she posted a video of her fiercely cracking the egg and trying to fry it on the streets of most likely Calabasas and mocking it by her evil laugh and putting the caption, “take that egg”



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Take that little egg

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People are genuinely enjoying it and the comment section is full of interesting comments. People commenting like “THAT’S YOLK, FOLKS” AND “WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU EGGS…” lol this all seems so cool and awkward at the same time. Eeee!


See, anything is possible today at this time when nobody would have thought that a mere egg would beat the famous celebrity who’s adored by millions and is also a fashion icon.  Oh, what have we become, I guess we just have revealed the power of an egg, and God knows what more would be in the highlights in the coming future. But we ready, Are you?

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