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Have Mcdonald’s actually lost its “Big Mac” trademark to Supermac’s?!!!!


McDonalds’… Ah! The name itself is a legend! Who doesn’t love it? An American fast food company, established in the year 1940 by Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California, United States of America. Started off their business as Hamburger stand later turned into a Franchise with a golden arches logo that was introduced in 1953. Macdonald’s is the world’s largest chain by revenue. It serves more than sixty nine million customers daily and in over one hundred countries across approximately 37,000 outlets.



Best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, spicy crispy chicken burger and nuggets, McDonald’s is everybody’s go-to-place. Also, always the top priority when you’re bored and hungry at home and don’t want to cook anything.

Oh, how could anybody not love their French fries? Subtle aroma, crispy scrumptious and oh so yummy! Macdonald’s introduced the big Mac burger in 1968. It’s one of the company’s signature products. It was created by Michael James Delligatti, an American entrepreneur. It has been extremely popular all over the world for its double patty shenanigans along with cheese, pickle and onions.

But what happened recently is that McDonalds loses its bigmac trademark battle to an Irish fast-food chain named supermac’s. woops! According to the sources, Supermac’s that is an Ireland based fast food chain accused McDonalds’ of trademark bullying and wanted to prevent the giant of trade marking the terms “Big Mac” and “Mc” in some instances in Europe. Both of these fast food chains sells burger and fries. Supermac’s claiming that the world famous McDonalds had not proven the genuine usage of it over the five years. They lodged this case back in 2017.

Now a few days back the European Union (EU) ruled in the favor of supermac’s and since then they haven’t responded to the phone calls and emails requesting the comment. McDonalds’ was not present at the moment to comment on the decision but they says that they are intending to appeal the decision and that they are quite confident that this decision will be revoked.


This lawsuit happened as the result of intense cold war and tension building up between the two companies after McDonalds attempted to stop supermac’s from expanding their chain throughout the European Union (eu) McDonalds asserted that supermac’s name would cause confusions among its customers with their iconic big Mac burger.

Obviously supermac’s didn’t like it so they filed the suit. Lol. The European Union Intellectual Property Office announced their decision in favor of supermac’s by saying that McDonalds was not putting the big Mac trademark to genuine use. Clearly the EUIPO didn’t feel that McDonalds is actually doing justice to what they have been supposed to. That’s surprising and interesting g at the same time; The EUPIO has allowed supermac’s to use the big Mac trademark on their food items. Supermac’s must be celebrating. Lol hell yeah!

Pat-McDonagh who’s the managing director and founder of Galway-based supermac’s said
“Never mind David versus Goliath, this unique landmark decision is akin to the Connacht team winning against the All Blacks.” “This is the end of the McBully…Just because McDonald’s has deep pockets and we are relatively small in context doesn’t mean we weren’t going to fight our corner,” he added.

The EUIPO said the affidavits from McDonald’s needed sheer support by other types of evidence, and that the websites and other promotional materials did not provide that support.

Now what would McDonalds do? Have they actually lost its right to trademark the world famous big Mac? Would supermac’s be the new king? Supermac’s currently running 100 restaurants in Ireland, now they after this decision they can expand in United Kingdom and Europe. According to the company, McDonalds’ blocked their expansion earlier and now they are extremely happy and excited to start off fresh.

McDonalds’ gonna make an appeal, let’s see what happens.
For more updates, stay tuned!

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