Depression is a battle & you are the warrior!


No jokes, this is a very serious matter now and a lot people around us are slowly zoning into depression. Depression is a serious medical condition; better call it an illness that negatively affects everything, how you feel, and act, think, do things and perceive matters. Basically depression is a condition in which you are no longer enjoying little things around you, okay wait scratch that… even the bigger things don’t matter anymore. Everything seems unpleasant and you even start judging people around you for being happy. Everything makes you sad; you feel miserable yet terrible at the same time. You feel tired and lethargic and your mind is unable to think of anything good.
Earlier people didn’t consider depression a disease but now they have accepted this hardcore reality that depression is one of the most fatal diseases that eats you alive and slowly kills you inside. People even started to think of ways to reach for the root of what exactly becomes the reason for this depression that leads to mental illness and other problems.
For some people there is always a reason why they feel a certain way; but nowadays that’s not the scene. People may feel depressed for no reason at all. Or maybe those are the little things that count. For example, receiving bad vibes, mean and harsh comments from a friend/colleague, unnecessary criticism, excessive workload, not being able to perform to your fullest; in the best way possible, not meeting the love of your life, losing a loved one, over thinking and things like that… these are basically the reasons most people feel depressed about.
But what to do if one might start feeling in that particular way, like you have started to hate yourself, have started sleeping too much or too less, have started to lose your appetite, have started to make yourself distant from your friends and family members. Would it be the right thing to deal things on your own? Would you be able to do that? HELL NO!!
It won’t be taken care of overnight and you won’t start feeling happy all of a sudden but constant effort and positivity will be required to get out of that phase. First off, you need to do a catharsis session with yourself and realize what actually is wrong and making you feels that particular way. Secondly, work on yourself! Cut the roots. The reasons, people, things making you unhappy and feel bad about your life and yourself – cut them off your life. Surely it won’t be easy at first, but you’ll see the difference for yourself. It helps a lot! Start looking at the brighter side of life – everything has two sides, one bad one good, start looking at the good side of everything or at least try to do so. Tell yourself that you are important, you matter and you have a role in this world that you and only YOU could play and that too like a boss! Start writing about your daily routine; a dear diary thingy would be of help. Read it for yourself and evaluate your life, is it the same life that you want to live or is there something wrong about it? If yes, then minus the NOTS and NEGATIVES. Start putting a cross on things that do not add any good to your daily life, one thing at a time. Slowly it will be creating a major difference and you’ll see that for yourself. Stop looking for CAN’TS and start looking for CANS. You can and you will. Life will get better and only can make a difference for yourself, love yourself before you love others because in the end its only you that has to live and survive with YOU!



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