Everybody is conscious of their weight and body fat these days; lol who does not care? We all love to eat and have that hot lean properly shaped body at the same time. But how does one manage to get both at the same time? Obviously by taking proper diet and working out. Working out ain’t no easy. You have to keep a constant check on your calorie intake on a regular basis and avoid fats as much as you can.
Recently, Jennifer Lopez, the famous American singer, actor, dancer and producer has revealed her flat abs after embarking on ‘no sugar, no carbs and no fats’ challenge. Lopez, the 49 year old singer who is an absolute diva and fitness freak, has never failed to impress her with her killer body. She has always been very conscious of her looks and figure and people have always been admired her of her perfect looking attires on that killer fit and toned figure. Be it red carpet or on-stage performance, Lopez regularly shows off her hard work in the form of her hard earned beauty with perfect attires.
Although she regularly work out and posts her work out updates on her social media as well especially Instagram, since she do no compromise on her diet and fitness, recently the singer took her fitness game up a notch. Lopez along with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez revealed to the fans that they are embarking on the challenge together. She also updated her instagram stories in which she was breaking a sweat on the treadmill.



Although this is not the first time, she is doing something like this; this 49 year old diva has always managed to look younger, flawless and ageless. Back in 2016 the singer told The Hello Magazine that she has a no nonsense approach to fitness. She said that she is always taking care of what food items she is taking inside her body that she has never smokes or do coffee. She rarely drinks alcohol and is very careful in this regard. She also told that she is always working out and exercising, whether it is working out in the gym or hitting the dance floor, it’s always about the moves and she never stops.
She also added,
“What you eat doesn’t just affect your body,” she advised at the time. “It can also affect the way your skin looks.”
Anyway in the video she posted with her boyfriend on instagram, she has challenged several people for taking the 10 day no carbs, no sugar and no fats challenge. She called into the Today Show on Friday and explained HODA about this challenge that she challenged earlier and who is fully up and pumped for taking this ten day challenge. She said, “Anything that has sugar and carbs in it, you cannot have.”
Jennifer Lopez also explained how the diet has been coming along, “The first and second day is when you realize you’re addicted to sugar,” she said. “It’s like a drug” She said. She also unveiled that her trainer is the one who inspired her to take the challenge. He told J.Lo the diet would “reset” her body in order to get her “on healthier carbs and healthier things that have sugar in them.”
On day two of her freaky diet, the 49 year old star accepted that she was struggling with the challenge since she loves sugar and it’s not an easy thing to do and that she is feeling “very hungry.”
But by day four, Lopez claimed on social media that she was doing “a lil better.”



It’s like a wake-up call for all her fans that everybody should be up and get going, take inspiration and get that fitness shit for yourself and look hot and beautiful.

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