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How to feel better about yourself


Life is not a bed of roses neither it always bring you merry and happiness. Some days are good others are worst. But how to deal with the part of life that does not go as we have planned it to be like? Should we always end up being hard on ourselves and thinking worst about everything, duh. It won’t help you get the better out of anything.
Obviously some things are not under control and we have to let them be as they are but we can always control the other half of things. So, here are a few things you can do to avoid feeling low low and sadistic.


#1 Do something and keep yourself busy:
An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Keep yourself indulged in activities you like the most to do and keep your mind occupied with things that make you feel lighter. Avoid things that are unnecessary and hard to take. Being busy is one of the best ways to avoid the bullshit life throws at us.


#2 Keep going, don’t give up:
No matter what happens, no matter what eff ups people throw your way do not lose yourself and simply don’t give up. Life is not a piece of cake and things are not always good neither are people. But you should not let the circumstances control your feelings because that always creates more problems and you end up feeling miserable and helpless. Channelize your thoughts to remain focused and keep your energy positive. Keep going things will get better.


#3 Be friends with people that keeps you motivated:
Your friends circle has a great impact on your mind and your personality. Do not allow people to deprive you of your positivity by saying mean things and focusing on all the negativity. Keep your friends circle small and watch out! People are not always what they pretend to be, do not over share but don’t be an extreme kind of introvert at the same time. Maintain the balance, that’s very important.


#4 Understand that disappointment is a part of life:
Even the most successful people have to deal with disappointments in life, as we have already said that life ain’t no bed of roses and you have to be strong enough to deal with the thorns that you collect while you are on your journey of life, there will be disappointments, bad things happen, people ditch, break promises, you don’t always win but it’s okay. Things take time and they get better. You just need to trust the process and stay motivated.


#5 Deal with your fears:
Overcoming your fears is not an easy thing to do but it’s not impossible either. Practice patience and just don’t sit down being afraid and insecure. Look hardships in the eye and tell them that you are a warrior by not giving up on yourself and your dreams. Try doing something daring every once in a while and keep your calculations intact. Do not risk much but do not avoid taking risks in life since that’s how you learn and you become fearless.

Feel good about yourself, read good books, meet with good people who talk positivity and bring you smiles. Life is short do not let it eat you with all its negativities and bad stuff. It’s all in your control. Tell yourself that you are important, you are strong and you can deal with whatever shit life brings your way. You can and you will. Don’t run away from your problems instead deal with them and try to solve them one by one. You will feel like a hero once you get the hang of life and the shit will turn its way away from yours.


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