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Talking about pets, they are creatures that live with you, fed by you, accompany you; keeps you protected and warm when some need space and a companion at the same time. They are more like your friends you can talk to when you feel the need to share yet not over share, cherish your good days with and most importantly, pets are your cuddle buddies. EEEE! Yes!
Two of the most popular pets are cats and dogs. A cat lover is an ailurophile while a dog lover is known as a cynophile. Today we are gonna discuss about why dogs make adorable pet animals?!
Dogs are exceptionally faithful animals like they say, “a dog is a man’s best friend.” They are loyal, affectionate, intelligent and devoted. Also people who own a dog are thought to be developing less mental health issues than those who don’t. This could be said about any pet parent to be precise.
The long association of dogs with us humans has led dogs to be uniquely accustomed to human behavior.
Now let’s jot down ten reasons; why dog make perfect pet animals.


#1 They are incredibly loyal:
Dogs are extremely loyal animals. They watch out your back and protect you from every kind of danger. They will guard your home and protect you and your loved ones from invaders and looters. Such people won’t even think of breaking into your house if they hear a dog barking inside or even smell that a dog is snoring in some particular domicile. True!


#2 They are forever human companions:
Dogs are very friendly animals and show their love and affection to their owner. They will play with you, give you good company and keeps you occupied from bothering about the useless things in life. Lol that’s true. Dogs are a great company and since they are extremely loyal as well, you don’t have to worry about developing trust issues while you are emotionally getting closer to a dog. Haha!


#3 You are less likely to feel depressed in the presence of a dog:
Since dogs make affectionate companions, humans who keep dogs as pets with them are reportedly less depressed as compared to people who don’t own a dog. Dog owners feel the warm presence of a friend, a listener, a kind and loving creature in their pet and could literally share anything with them knowing that they could not help you solve your issues but at least you shared your problem with someone and that’s a big deal, it literally helps a lot in relieving stress and boosting up your morale and energy levels positively.


#4 You are less likely to get sick:
You might not know that already but here we tell you that you loving furry friend is preventing you from catching germs and falling sick more often. They boost up your immune system and you are more likely to be diagnosed earlier in case you get an infection than those who don’t own a dog. According to New York times, Jack Gilbert who’s the director of Microbiome Centre at the University of Chicago, that animals carry different kinds of bacteria in their fur that strengthens your immune system and you get to encounter more allergies which eventually develops immunity to fight against diseases inside you.


#5 You will have a healthy heart rate:
Here’s the magical thing about owning a dog as a pet animal. Not only it is bringing you happiness and you are cherishing a loyal friend for life but also dog owners are less likely to develop high blood pressure problems and coronary artery diseases. Also people who live with dogs have low cholesterol levels in their blood.


#6 You will get more exercise:
People with dogs tend to have a more happening routine than people who do not own one. You are not only feeding your animal, clearing their mess and playing with them in your free slots of the day but also taking them for long walks to the nearby park or simply walking on the streets because guess what? Your fur buddy loves that. They need this activity at least once or twice a day because otherwise they will get bored and ruin your working hours by just sticking around, showing bad moods or simply they will get more clingy; they will act up real bad. So if you are parenting a dog, you are at least getting thirty minutes of exercise or walk on a daily basis which not only keeps your dog happy and healthy but also you. You will start to feel great.


#7 You will be having a more active social life:
Dog owners often tend to gather around, hang out and meet up with their partner animals to have fun, sometimes a race or some kind of contest. You get to meet new people sometimes and socialize more. People love dogs and make friends with them and their owners and that is very common so you get to make new friends. Then once you own a pet especially a dog, you have to take care of their health and hygiene and make a regular appointment with the vet; people also get to meet new people this way.


#8 They don’t let you waste the food:
Your dog is not only your best companion but also somebody who helps you get rid of the additional food you bring or your leftovers. Instead of throwing the food away and wasting it, you can always share it with your fur buddy and they will never disappoint.


#9 They will always welcome you back with a happy mood:
You might end your day with a shitty mood after working non-stop shifts and come back home all grumpy and frustrated, but your fur baby will always be welcoming you back and saying hi to you with a happy all lovey dovey mood and that will just make your exhaustion go away.


#10 They can detect cancer:
Another astonishing feature about dogs is that they are able to smell cancer in the human body. Studies show that if you get a mole or a lump on your body, your dog is gonna sniff it and lick it and that will eventually make you notice something is definitely wrong. You get to see a doctor and they will make a diagnosis on very early stages if that’s what the case is. So, yes you see, your dog is your hero. These days some scientists are actually trying to train the dogs to detect cancer.

That’s it for now, I hope this article helps you develop more affinity towards doggos. And if you are not petting one already, you make up your mind to get one and make life a little happier for you.

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