We all want to be happy but do we all know the real meaning of happiness? What is happiness basically? Happiness is the opposite of sadness. It is the feeling when you know life is good and you are content with whatever you have and cherish it fully.
Happiness is a positive state of mind, a state in which you no longer feel sad or bad about anything and only feel lighter, brighter and relaxed. People today have confused happiness with comfort and temporary joy. Its actually a permanent state of mind which doesn’t mean that you have to feel good all the time. Like some days are good, other are not. But what happens when your day is not any good and nothing goes the way you planned it to be? You’ll say you are not happy? Nopety nope it doesn’t work like that!
Happiness is actually a choice, a path you decide to walk on by not focusing on all the bad things around you. It never comes to you by depending on something or someone. You don’t achieve the state of happiness by just leaning onto things you have no control over.

#1 Your well-being is important – make yourself a priority:
Your well-being is your constant happy and healthy state of mind, your mental health and the peace of your personality. Your well being is extremely important and there should be no compromise you should make on it. Take care of yourself, stay away from the things that pollute your healthy and peaceful state of mind, your inner environment – which matters more than the your outer environment, when the inner is good, the outer will automatically be good. Know that!


#2 Stop the chase, start your life:
Most of the people these days are chasing something in life; either it could be a person, a rank, status or some other thing but life has become a race and everybody is chasing. People are always relating their happiness to the next stage of life like you’ll be happy when you’ll get more money or when you’ll get that new job. No doubt these things are important but instead of constant worrying and killing yourself, you work hard for it and tell yourself it will be all fine, try to organize your life and achieve your goals but don’t just spend all your life in chasing.


#3 Don’t hang out with toxic people:
You need to filter your circle to maintain peace in your life. Not everybody is your friend and a well wisher these days. Keep low key, keep things private and figure out who are the real ones among all those people you spend your time with, keep the real ones and drain all the others because life is short and your well-being, your peace is important than fake friendships and toxicity.


#4 Start making a list you need to appreciate on a daily basis:
Everyone is blessed in one way or other, nobody could say that they have actually got nothing to be thankful for. Even though life is not a bed of roses and we have all got our fair share of problems and hardships but still being thankful is necessary and it gives you hope and courage. Make a list of all the good things happening around you, to you and start being thankful for those things; it helps a lot in performing better and staying happy.


#5 Start eating healthy and working out:
Your health is your first priority and its related to your happy and healthy life and you should be strictly taking care of it. Start incorporating healthy food in your daily diet and spare some time daily for exercise as well. It not only keeps you healthy and active, but also you start to feel more energized and motivated and perform better.


Happiness is a choice, don not forget that, Start working hard to find about the things that make you happy and live your life in a healthy way,

That’s it for now.

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