Tell me oh honey, do you really love honey? Lol today we are talking about honey. A sweet and viscous food substance that is produced by honey bees and some other bees and related insects. Bees produce honey from the sugary secretions of plants you call that floral nectar. Also from secretions of other insects such as honey dew by regurgitation, enzymatic activity and water evaporation. Bees after secreting, store this honey in wax structures called honeycombs.

It is produced and consumed worldwide and is best known for its large consumption and health benefits. Those who consume honey in raw form are the ones most benefited from honey but unfortunately the honey that is available for us these days from most places is the processes honey.
Let us break it down the health benefits it offers.

#1 Excellent source of anti-oxidant agents: It has amazing anti-oxidants properties and studies have shown that. These anti-oxidants block free radicals in your body which help in preventing a number of unwanted diseases. It boosts up your immune system hence increase the tendency of your body to fight back against germs and help you being saved from a number of diseases. These compounds include organic acid and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. Anti-oxidants also reduce risk of heart diseases prevent strokes and some types of cancer.

#2 It works as an antiseptic : Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic, is helpful in killing a number of germs and bacteria. It’s helpful in preventing you from infections that leads to other serious problems.

#3 It helps in lowering the chances of catching up with diabetes: Consistent use of raw honey is also helpful in saving yourself up from getting diabetes. It is even used to treat diabetes. It is known through studies that raw honey when taken in with cinnamon is very helpful in diabetes since it does not increase your blood sugar levels to a greater extent; instead it keeps the sugar levels controlled. It also keeps a check on blood insulin levels and decreases the risk of hyperglycemia. It causes the lower elevation level of plasma levels in diabetics when it is compared to sucrose and dextrose.

#4 Clears skin; reduces acne and other skin problems: The anti-bacterial effect of honey makes it excellent for skin and help in getting rid of any acne and other skin problems. It clears skin when you consume honey with water on a daily basis especially in the morning. It can also be applied on the skin as such for a few minutes and then you wash your face with clear water. You will see the excellent changes in your skin for yourself within a few days.

#5 Low in sugar content; works effectively in maintaining blood sugar levels: Since honey is low sugar; it keeps blood sugar under control and does not let it boost up beyond uncontrollable levels. The combined effect of fructose and glucose contribute to relatively low glycemic response after consuming honey. So people who are either diabetic or on a verge of getting diabetes can simply switch to honey rather than sticking to simple refined sugars. But check and balance should be ensured either way.

#6 Remedy for sore throat and cough: Honey is excellent in soothing your throat in case of an infected hurting throat or even cough. Its viscosity releases tension and makes you comfortable and relaxes the muscles. Warm honey consumed with water and a little lemon which is a rich source of vitamin C is extremely helpful in getting rid of a sore throat.

#7 Helps in weight loss: Honey is also helpful in weight loss, it supplies the vital energy your body demands and helps you consume lesser amounts of other sugars that leads to weight gain and establishment of extra fat. Honey with water not only provides you with the necessary energy level, keeps you hydrated and cleanse your inner, helps in a better digestive system and reduce weight.

Conclusion: Thus honey, increase the intake of honey on a daily basis but make sure you don’t consume pasteurized form, try finding the raw honey because that’s what the real hero is.

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