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We are living in the age of toxicity where everybody is picking on each other. Whether it is about someone’s appearance; the way they look, dress up, carry themselves or the way they live. Negative behavior is very common and it is the root of all the chaos that has become a part of our personalities now.

Dua Lipa who is a renowned English singer and song writer who started off her music career at the age of fourteen, recently highlighted this issue by calling out the toxic behavior of people on twitter.

The singer slams toxic behavior of people towards each other and urges them to be nice. On Sunday morning, she posted on her twitter about how people are being mean to each other and comparing women and their wrinkles.
Here are the tweets in which she has clearly asked people to stay calm and don not be mean for it only creates and increases negativity and toxicity in society and that people are upto no good.

The singer has made it clear through her tweets that hate is useless, why follow somebody in the first place if all you have got to offer them is your hateful attitude and meanness. You should not be following people if you hate them so much and that people who make you uncomfortable through their behavior and activities you should unfollow them not only on social media but also in real life. Its for the sake of your own peace of mind.

Stop criticizing people and try being a little more nice for it helps a lot in making us a better society and we as human beings can make this world a better place for living; Dua Lipa’s tweets bottom line.She said its only the small things but they matter and everybody feels; no matter how small things may seem or words may sound but it hurts and that she also feel things like everybody else because she is also the same – like everybody.

Previously, the singer has also spoken about the importance of feminism and body positivity with The Vogue Magazine and has been known to raise her voice for important issues earlier as well. This time around, it’s the toxic behavior of people that she is bashing, either on social media or off social media. Toxic behavior is causing a lot of mental health issues among people and God knows why people are not bothering about their words.

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