Cannabis weed is generally not safe for pregnant women as it is susceptible to cross the placenta and reach your baby. The cannabis plant has many components including marijuana, THC, and Cannbidiol.

All of the weeds have remained controversial for their legality and impact on health. Marijuana and THC are known for their mind altering effects whereas Camnabidiol varies slightly from these properties.

In all cases, these weeds should be avoided during pregnancy as nothing is more important than the health of your child.

How Does Cannabis Affect Fetus In Pregnancy?

Cannabis is known to cause harm during pregnancy as it may reach the baby to affect his growth and nervous system. It is also known that babies of mothers consuming cannabis during their pregnancy term have low birth weight. It can cause overall health problems as well both in the mother and baby.

Unfortunately, cannabis is also associated with the risk of having stillbirth. Whether cannabis is used alone or combined with other illegal substances, it will be harmful for pregnant women and their babies.

Difficulty in Educational Development of Child

Children exposed to the cannabis weed while they were in the womb have been reported to become attention deficit later on. They also have hyperactivity disorders and have problem solving difficulties in life.

Moreover, cannabis will negatively affect the child’s nervous system so he may have issues with poor concentration, poor judgement, and short term memory disorder. All this may have negative impact on the educational development of the child.

Higher Risk of Leukaemia in Mother

The weed, Cannabis is known to harm the child’s development in every way if consumed during the pregnancy term. The fetus cannot bear the consequences of of cannabis as it becomes a barrier for its development.

Mothers who have smoked cannabis during pregnancy will also suffer with the child as they have higher risk of leukaemia. It is also said that the baby is more likely to have the risk of cancer with the mother although there is not much evidence to prove this.

Cannabis Infused with Tobacco

Not only cannabis is harmful but all weeds that are infused with cannabis will harm the fetus and mother. So, it cannot be said which way it is more harmful as most weed smokers like cannabis combined with tobacco. Whether the weed has been mixed with other drugs or has pesticide contamination, it will be harmful anyway. Pesticides may pose even more dangers for the health of your baby.

Cannabis Infused Foods

Various foods have been in spotlight for being infused with cannabis. This has provoked people to find out more about cannabis, its legaility and safety for health.

What to Do If you Smoked Cannabis Before Knowing About Being Pregnant?

You may not worry if you smoked some cannabis before realizing you were pregnant. You should just stay clam and talk to your midwife about your concerns so more tests can be performed just in case. This will ensure that the baby is doing well and the small amount of weed has had no significant on the growth.

The doctor or midwife can also help you give up any illegal or legal drugs that are harmful for the baby’s health. This will help you understand what is good and what is not good for the baby. Having your baby suffer from the consequences is nonsensical attitude and you have to realize how important it is to stay focused on healthy diet throughout pregnancy

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