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Gucci which is the most popular fashion brand in the world; Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods, founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. It generated 4.2 billion pounds in revenue worldwide in the year 2008 according to “BusinessWeek” and it is the highest selling Italian brand.

Gucci operates about two hundred and seventy eight directly operated stores in the whole wide world and it wholesales its products through franchises and upscale departmental stores. In the year 2013, this brand has values at US 12.1 billion dollars, with sales of r.7 billion dollars. In the Forbes’s worlds’ most valuable brands list Gucci is ranked at the thirty eighth spot; it’s the 38th most valuable brand with a brand value of 12.4 billion dollars as of May, 2015.

According to a news report publish by The Lyst Index back in October, 2018, this brand Off-White jumped over and crosses whole thirty three steps, that too upward and forward and that beat Gucci. Lol yes that’s true. Off-White dominated Gucci in 2018 and the list showed it to be at the top on number one. The top ten hottest fashion brands said that Off-White was on number 1 and Gucci was on number two.
But what happened recently is that in the latest volume of The Lyst Index, the analysis said in a quarterly report that Gucci has taken its crown back from Off-White. About five million shoppers around the world are searching and browsing about Gucci on the internet and not only this they are buying stuff from the Gucci designer stores and outlets and people are going crazy.

The analysis says that between the months of October 2019 till December 2019, about six million people have searched for Gucci bags, belts and other items on the internet and they are buying Gucci stuff like crazy shopaholics. This time Off-White is on number two on the list and the brand Balenciaga is on number three. Balenciaga however has maintained its rank on the list since it was on the same number three earlier as well.

Gucci’s unique styles and designs have taken over the world and its products are among the most copied fashion items in the world. People love to buy original stuff from Gucci, be it the stylish chic Gucci bag or a classy leather belt, or the top notch fancy style ladies shoes. And those who cannot afford to buy the original items from the brand itself make sure they get the exact copy made by some other low-priced or not-so-fancy-shmancy designer or fashion brand. Lol people love Gucci and they want to carry Gucci style no matter what. Which is why this brand is loved all over the world, though it was over shadowed by other brands like Off-White for a shorter while but man, Gucci is Gucci and it has taken over again, the crown is back with Gucci and they have officially regained its position; the most popular brand in the world.

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