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Grammy’s are coming and every year this big juicy event makes the greatest hit of the year. A Grammy award popularly called as Grammy originally called as the Gramophone Award. A Grammy is an award presented by The Recording Academy to recognize achievement of the musicians who are working hard to contribute good music for the music industry.

Every year hundreds of musicians perform at this big juicy ceremony where all the shining starts are invited. Everybody in fact waits for the whole year to make it to the Grammy’s so that their hard work pays off and people get to celebrate them.

But what happened in the recent years is that Grammy’s have continuously losing the charm it possessed in the earlier years. Last year before all the start studded charm and all the rocking performances by Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Elton John, the award show lost about six million views as compared to the previous years.

This year what is happening is that the same popular artists that performed at the Grammy’s last year and even a part of the great show since so many years are turning down the offers to perform at the coming show.

The days before Grammy’s are now numbered and a countdown can be set but what is disappointing is that the famous artists that are on the top of everybody’s favorite list are boycotting this event and they have refused to perform and join the award show.

The first one we came to know about The “Thank you, next” girl of 2018. Yes we are talking about none other than Ariana Grande. The 25 years old music icon has refused to perform at the show that is going to be held on Sunday night after the producers of the Grammy’s have refused to allow her to sing her famous single “7 rings” that broke many records. Loll, ain’t that funny?!

Why are the Grammy people even doing this to themselves? Reportedly the Grammy guys have not allowed her to sing her song “7 rings” except in the medley that they would choose. Loll.
What Ariana did was she has not only refused to perform at the award show but also she said that she would not be attending the event at all. She even mocked the Grammys boss Ken Ehrlich for lying about her. Since Ehrlich recently spoke about Grande in the Times interview that apparently it was too late for Ariana to pull something for the show. Lol

The other artists who have refused to support and perform at the event are Kendrick Lamar and Childish Bambino. Drake who is nominated in major categories and has been historically snubbed by the Grammys has also refused to perform this year. WHOA seems like the Grammys are gonna be a big disaster this year.
The three most popular music sensations of the industry who have been nominated in major categories as well have refused to play at the show and most probably they won’t even attend the show.

Grammys have been mocked by the artists before as well. In the year 2017 they nominated Drake’s Hotline Bling as a rap song to which he said later that they great Grammys were only left with this stupid option knowing that Hotline Bling is not even a rap song. Duh.

The Grammy guys are better need to sort out their priorities because if this is how it’s going to be from now on wards, we are pretty sure Grammys are going to be even worst in the coming years and then they would be history in the list of great award shows if they don’t change the way of dealing with the top artists. Let us see how the show goes this year.

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