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It is really easy to put on weight by eating junk and fatty food. The cravings make you lose control and you get your hands on a big juicy burgers or engulf a pizza in one go. Yes this happens to all of us and we just cannot help it.
The struggle of losing weight is real and it’s not something easy to do. Like you literally have to go through a lot to reduce even a couple pounds.

A lot of people simply hit the gym once they think they are getting fat and need to shed the weight to look smart and fit all over again. But once they lose those calculated amount of body fat they escape the gym like a boss and that’s when the real deal starts.
Once you lose those the weight you were aiming to lose your body becomes charged and used to moving muscles and going through the drill. That’s how you are maintaining and getting the desired results but then most people leave their healthy routine and quit working out and exercising and the fat comes back. Lol reality check!

Studies have shown that if you are aware of you daily calorie intake and know what food items you are eating and how many calories they contain you would not be over eating stuff and even maintain a proper meal routine on a daily basis to control your food intake so as to not gain extra fat or lose that extra fat.

Another problem which so many face these days is that weight loss is kind of a myth and everybody follow their own rules and if you ask your friends suggestions for losing weight, everyone would give you a different advice or an idea on how you should cut off the fat link to your body and lose weight.

But the problem is that nobody knows the real deal on how to stay consistent and keep working hard to maintain the result you gain by going through the hella drill. People do all sorts of crazy things and most of them have no evidence or authenticity behind them.

What we have done here is put together a few tips for losing that extra body fat and these are diet natural means you do not have to go out of your way to adopt these and make your life a little more difficult. Wink wink!

#1 Start small; don’t hustle:
They say you should hustle and make things happen, in your own way and try to think big and stuff but you need to do here is to start small and do not just think of losing twenty pounds in one day.
Lol that’s what most people try to do with them. They assume they will shed those extra pounds in a single day and the results would be sudden and obvious. This my friend, is not going to happen and it doesn’t lasts longer, you should know that.

What you need to do is set small goals for yourself and make things easy. Do not go hard on yourself in any way be it weight loss or forgiving yourself for doing something stupid. Duh.
Start small; make a diet plan and try to keep things smooth according to your plan. Cut off those extra food items from your daily diet. Keep a check on your calorie intake and maintain the balance in your diet.

These small things will start giving you the small outcomes or results after some time and you will feel good and confident about yourself. It will boost up your morale that at least you are doing something and not just burden yourself with hell lot of pressure.

#2 Do not skip meals:
Most people think skipping meals will make them lose weight and this is a major misconception. Doing this just disturbs your metabolism and you are not able to function properly in routine. Don’t skip any meal. Even if you are in hurry or you are going somewhere you should make sure that you eat something. Something light not heavy or fatty.

When you don’t skip a meal you make sure your body wakes and functions normally. Skipping meals only helps if you are on a keto diet which burns your body fat first, rather than sugar.
But generally in normal usual diet you don’t do that because skipping a meal would only increase your cravings for the rest of the day and when you will eat finally, you will eat more than required at that particular time. True story.

#3 Drink water particularly before meals:
Drinking water is equally important as regulating and controlling the food you are eating when you are on a diet. Drinking water can boost up your metabolism and that will help you burn more calories and that too, easily.
Also drinking water before meals holds great importance because you would not over eat when you are already feeling having something in your stomach and less space for food. So, one might ensure he or she is drinking enough water if they are trying to lose some weight. Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily will surely help a lot.

#4 Increase the intake of green tea:
Green tea helps in losing weight by burning fat. If you drink green tea after having a meal especially sat night after dinner you will feel lighter and do not get that fat on. Green tea contains large amounts of anti-oxidants and also caffeine; both works synergistically to help burning fat and getting rid of calories.
Green tea also helps in boosting up your metabolism and improves body’s efficiency for burning fat. It also aids in digesting food, smoothly. Studies say that drinking green tea on a regular basis after meals can reduce body fat up to nineteen percent.

#5 Exercise regularly:
The most important thing to do if you are looking for to lose weight or trying to maintain it. Of course dieting helps a lot in reducing weight but exercise do wonders and exercise alone can help you achieve your goal sometimes if you are not too fat.

Start from working out for like thirty minutes that makes half an hour. Start simple. Do not jump on doing squats and lunges immediately. Start from simply taking a walk on a daily basis. And jog. Walk and jog workout is quite simple and it’s the best workout to initiate with.

Gradually you increase your time for work out and exercise once you get the hang of it and do not skip days once you have made up your mind and start.

Jump-rope work put is also quite basic and simple and you can also start with that along with walking and jogging. Ten to fifteen minutes daily would be more than enough and you gradually increase the minutes once your muscles becomes flexible and get used to the work out.

Conclusion: In the end we would like to sum this whole article by saying that consistency is the key. You don’t stay consistent, you wouldn’t lose weight or even if you do the fat will keep coming back and your suffering will not end. So stay consistent. Start small and focus on achieving long term goals.

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