Valentine’s Day recently passed and it seemed like it was really good and proved to be a lucky one for some people.

Today on 15th of February 2019, Katty Perry updated her fans by posting a photo on her Instagram in which she is proudly flaunting a ring which is most probably her engagement ring along with the love of her life – Orlando Bloom. Wooo!

Both of them shared a photo on their instagram accounts which is basically a close-up photo of them both in which Katty appeared kind of teary eyed and Orlando Bloom appears to be all smiles. Katty is showing off her beautiful flower shaped diamond ring and they both are surrounded by heart shaped red balloons.



Katty’s picture says “Full bloom” eeee yes. She wrote two words that summed up the whole story and fans are going crazy since then. Later Bloom shared the same photo on his instagram by writing “Lifetimes”. Seems like love is genuinely in the air. Wink wink!



Earlier Katty’s mother shared a few intimate pictures of a heart-themed engagement party on her facebook page and captioned it as “Look who got engaged on Valentine’s Day!!”

She later deleted the snaps though.

The two stars started dating each other back in January 2016. They met at a party, we’ll say after party after a Golden Globes Award show. But reportedly they split up in the time of just a year. Later they reunited again at a New Year’s Party in Japan in the year 2018 and are together ever since.
Tell you what a lot of people already know that this is not their first ever love or engagement. If they both end up marrying each other it will second marriage for both of them, Lol!

Yes, Katty married Russell Brand who is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author and activist. Back in 2010. The two got married but due to some reasons could not get along well and ended up with divorce in the year 2012.

Not only was this but Orlando Bloom also married to the gorgeous Miranda Kerr back in 2010. They were married from year 2010 to 2013 and then got divorced after three years of marriage.
Mind that Orlando Bloom shares a son with model Miranda Kerr named as Flynn. He was born in 2011.

“I’m very pragmatic and logistical and I am less fantastical about things… I mean, I was married when I was 25,”
Katty Perry talked to The Paper Magazine about her relationship status just days ago.
“I’m 34. It was almost 10 years ago. I was like, ‘One person for the rest of my life,’ and I’m not so sure that that idea is for me. I’m just such a different person than I was.”

She also updated her instagram story earlier today in which her fans could see Bloom napping around with their two dogs. She wrote the lyrics of her biggest hit ever “Teenage Dream”

The exact caption was “Will you be my teenage dream?” with a shark dancing on the left. Hehe, how cute! Bloom looked totes adorbs and their fans can’t get enough of the two already.

Earlier a day before, on the Valentine’s Day, Bloom shared a photo on her instagram which was a clear hint that someone is clearly up to something and that love is in the air and everywhere.



This was hours before the two shared their big news about the engagement.
Also about a month ago, Katty Perry paid a loving tribute to the love of her life in honor of his 42nd birthday.
“Happiest 42nd birthday to the kindest and cutest man I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with,” she wrote.

Both Katty Perry and Orlando Bloom are looking extremely adorable together and seem to be really happy together and we wish them the very best of luck for their future life.

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