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Strawberries are the most good looking and one of the juiciest fruits that you can find and treat yourself with.
The garden strawberry is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria which collectively is known as the strawberries. It is cultivated worldwide for its fruit.

You can find strawberries around spring season and in early summers. They are eaten worldwide out of hand and are loved by everybody. Also strawberries make best desserts, salads, healthy shakes, breakfast cereals and are loved when served with melted chocolate.

They are the most cultivated berries around the world and come for a very short time once a year but now with ultimate technology boost and variety of scientific techniques people store them and you can get them easily at almost any time of the year.

Strawberries make the most rip, juicy, succulent and plump fruit that soothes your taste buds. But nothing beats the charm of fresh and handpicked strawberries. YUM!

Not only they make the most versatile and delicious fruit but also it has a great number of benefits as well. In fact the health benefits of strawberries are perhaps even more impressive.

#1 Rich sources of anti-oxidants:
Strawberries are rich in anti-inflammatory phenols and nutrients. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of strawberries are significantly effective in preventing you from various heart diseases and mainly protect you from blood vessel damage.
They also improve your overall cardiovascular health. The free radicals that are created due to certain toxic activities like pollution, smoke and even sunlight. Strawberries provide protection against them.
They damage oxidized fats and lower cholesterol level and prevent the blockage of blood vessels hence lowering the risk of strokes and heart attack.

#2 Provides support to the immune system:
Since strawberries are full of anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamin C, both of which are excellent in fighting against free radicals. Strawberries prevent diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.
Colon, breast cancer and cervical cancer are among the most benefited cancers from the health benefits of strawberries. Your immune system gets stronger with the intake of strawberries and strawberry juice. Strawberries are also known to fight allergies and asthma.
Strawberry juice is also very effective for a healthy immune system. They enhance body’s ability to fight infections.

#3 Anti-microbial effects:
Strawberries in addition to their deliciousness and tempting appearance also have numerous effects on the production and reproduction of bacteria and certain parasites in the human body.
They have a large range of polyphenols that make you defensive against the action of micro-organisms.

#4 Regulate blood sugar levels:
Strawberries also contain Ellagic acid which itself is an excellent anti-oxidant and is extremely effective in keeping the blood sugar levels under control.
It also helps people with type-2 diabetes by keeping their blood sugar levels under balance and control.
This fruit also have a lower concentration of glycemic index (40) and is unlikely to increase sugar levels if you are diabetic.

#5 Improve brain health:
The anti-oxidants present in strawberries are the real heroes. Due the high content of anti-oxidants, strawberries protect brain cells from damage due to free radicals. They also improve neuron communication within the brain and increase functionality.
Studies show that strawberry can help prevent memory decline in older age women. Because of the presence of flavonoids in strawberries they slow down memory decline with age.

#6 Improve bone health:
This fruit also Vitamin K, potassium and manganese which improve bone health and supports better functioning of the skeletal and muscular system.

#7 Help treat constipation:
Strawberries are rich in fiber content and prove to be very effective in treating constipation and aids in relieving from gas issues and other digestive system problems.

#8 Improves skin health:
The presence of Vitamin C in strawberries improves the healthy growth of skin cells and supports cleansing action and increase the glow of the skin.
They improve complexion, skin tone and soothe itchiness of the skin caused by any kind of infection or acne.

So folks these are just a few healthy benefits of strawberries that we have tried to discuss here and we hope that this article will help you and if you are not taking full advantages from this beautiful yet extremely healthy fruit already, you better get going and grab some strawberries NOW!

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