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Karl Otto Lagerfeld commonly known as Karl Lagerfeld worldwide died on February 19, 2019. Karl Lagerfeld is world famous Chanel fashion designer.

He was a German designer who was the creative director of the French fashion house Chanel, the world famous Chanel. Also, he worked as the creative director of the Italian fashion house Fendi from 1965 and of his own eponymous label.

He worked as the creative director of Chanel from the year 1983 till his death. Yes if we would say that he was upright working until his last breath, it won’t be an understatement.

Lagerfeld was famous all over the world for not only his work in fashion industry but also for his unique and absolutely fabulous appearance. His signature white hair, ponytail, fingerless gloves and dark glasses made him even more popular and people started to recognize him by just a mere glimpse all over the world.

The icon spent 65 years of his life in fashion industry. Not only was this but he also best known for put-downs, his journey through all these years, his style and even his pets.

Lol yes, he owned some pets as well especially his cat Choupette is the most famous cat in fashion. Choupette is a female Burmese cat. It was born on August 15, 2011 and it originally belonged to the male model Baptiste Giabiconi.
Now here comes the story how Karl met Choupette. While she was just a little baby, Baptiste left her with Karl for sometime while he had to leave town for some work related commitment.

Meanwhile Karl Lagerfeld started to fall in love with Choupette and when Baptiste came back, Karl Lagerfeld refuse to give Choupette back to him.

Now Choupette is almost eight years old and she models for her daddy’s fashion projects. However her daddy Karl Lagerfeld made it quite clear that she is not interested in any kind of commercial work.

Not just this but She is the most pampered cat ever who has a personal bodyguard, two maids – only to look after her and a personal chef. Choupette eats off fine China and that off silver platters. Oh how royal this cat is.
Now coming back to Karl Lagerfeld, he was a fine and very talented designer who made Chanel what it is today – one of the most powerful and popular brands in the world.

All the other people of the fashion fraternity from all over the world are mourning his death and sending their condolences.

Anna Wintour, the British-American journalist stated about the famous designer and icon’s death

“Karl was brilliant, he was wicked, he was funny, he was generous beyond measure, and he was deeply kind. I will miss him so very much,” she said…



Actress Penelope Cruz wrote online,

“There will always be a place in my heart for you my dear Karl. I will never forget your kindness, your generosity and how much we have laughed together…”



Victoria Beckham who is a renowned English business woman, fashion designer and former singer took it to the internet…

“So incredibly sad to hear this news. Karl was a genius and always so kind and generous to me both personally and professionally. Rest in Peace, Karl” she said…



Kris Jenner also paid a tribute to the great icon Karl Lagerfeld by taking it to the internet and showed her love for him,

“You brought so much beauty, style and grace to this world. Karl you will forever be a true legend, an icon, an inspiration. It was such a thrill and a pleasure to have met you, to have worked with you and to have experienced the amazing times when you would photograph my girls for your beautiful campaigns. There will never be another like you, my dear friend and you will be truly missed.”


Indeed Karl Lagerfeld was a true legend and will be always remembered as the pioneer in the world of fashion for his unique and amazing work and his efforts will always shine like bright stars in fashion industry.

RIP Karl.

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