What is mental health?

Mental health; what does it actually mean? Well it is a person’s condition with regard to their physical and emotional well-being.

It is actually the healthy state of mind you reside in and act accordingly. The way you react to things and happenings in daily life, the way you behave and deal with people around you.

In simple terms mental health means the absence of a mental disorder, to not going through depressive and anxious phases on regular basis or simply living life with peace of mind.

It is a state of well being in which one stays content with his or her life and do not worry or stress about every minor thing all the time.

One realizing his or her worth and skills to deal with the stress and commitments of life by staying positive and not being too harsh on oneself or the people around them. Moreover one contributes towards the well-being of other people as well. That is what mental health is all about.

Mental health issues and mental disorders are a real thing and how it is getting out of hand now:

In this modern age of science and technology with the tremendous increase in the usage of social media and modern methods of entertainment life has become so fast and artificial.

On one hand it has opened new doors of success and things have become so easy for us now but on the other hand people have just become dependent slaves of technology and real life healthy activities have all become a history now.

True that, people have become all about showing off and having fun and games now rather than actually and genuinely associating with each other and building healthy bonds and friendships.

Studies show that all of us have the tendency of developing mental health issue in this modern age no matter how happy, healthy and wealthy we think we are.

No matter how old or young we are or whatever gender, class or creed we belong to. Mental disorders and mental illness is a real thing that needs to be taken seriously now.

Almost 1 out of five Americans experience mental health problems every year. According to a research conducted back in 2015, in the United States of America nearly 9.8 million people were going through serious mental health issues.

This almost makes about 4.8 percent of total American population. Yes, the thing is real folks.

It is a common disease now. Yes it is a disease! A legit one and needs to be taken care of and rooted out just like any other fatal disease because it eats you alive and faster than you could even imagine.

What are the risk factors of developing mental health problems?

Some of the risk factors that tends to increase the chances of developing mental health issues are

  • Having negative people around. Friends, relatives or co-workers who are toxic, always critical and mean for no reason at all – normally, causes stress and increase the tension in daily life which leads to constant stress and depression and eventually people start developing mental health issues. This is one of the major reasons of mental health problems these days.
  • Use of alcohol and various other drugs also lead towards developing mental health issues. You fail to function normally and with all your senses alive and tend to stay in a condition where you develop this – no senses, no stress attitude.
  • Stressful issues like financial problems – poverty and the feeling of not having enough money in your pocket or cash in bank account to be able to fulfill your basic necessities or other issues like studies. Health and managing and maintain healthy marital relationships. All of this also affects your emotional state of mind and cause stress and depression.
  • Being abused or neglected as a child, friend or partner. This also affects your personality and such people are always feeling neglected, not loved by others and they confine themselves in their own shells in these situations and all this leads towards the destruction of your mental health.

Some ways you can adopt to prevent mental health in your community:

Now let us talk about a few ways we all can adopt in our daily life by which we can not only improve our own state of mind but also affects the life and behavior of other people around us.

#1 Talk about it:

Start talking about your issues and start discussing problems and their solutions with your friends, family and loved ones.

Talk about your feelings and develop healthy friendships in which people feel free and comfortable in sharing their true feelings either good or bad with each other.

#2 Share your stories:

Sharing helps a lot, it has surprising effects no matter which issues you are dealing with, sharing about your achievements and problems or failures helps a lot and some people literally function better when they have somebody either a friend or a loved one with whom he or she can share his or her true self.

#3 Read about it:

From your busy life schedules and hectic routine, take out some time to read about mental health awareness and the disorders related to it.

What harms it can cause? What are the solutions you can offer in such situations?

All of this. Suicide is becoming a serious threat in fact it has already become one.

People are committing suicides and putting an end to their life sufferings like they think they have no other solution other than that and this would be their only option.

By reading about it and becoming aware of the signs and symptoms, you can save your loved ones from the damage.

#4 Stop making hate comments and start spreading love:

Why being to someone for no reason at all? That is the case with a lot of people these days.

Hate is unhealthy even if it is for your own damn self. You are not only hurting others but also killing yourself with this slow poison called hate.

Start being more loving and kind towards others and be generous in making sweet and polite gestures towards your loved ones. Because it helps and means a lot.

#5 Encourage the institutions especially schools to create awareness about mental health problems and prevention:

Our children are our future and they are the most vulnerable beings. Start encouraging schools to inculcate some curses in their curriculum to support mental health awareness programs and prevent suicide by educating their children about it.

All of this cannot be done just in a day or two. Time will be required and change will come gradually and slowly but better make a little progress than making no progress at all.




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