Health benefits of Broccoli

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Broccoli is the edible green plant that in the cabbage family which has a large flowering head and it is eaten as a vegetable.

The word broccoli came from the Italian word broccolo which means the flowering crest of the cabbage. It is classified cultivated group of species Brassica Oleracea.

Broccoli is mostly eaten in boiled or steamed form but it can also be eaten raw.

Broccoli is a major source of vitamins that your body needs for example Vitamin K and Vitamin C. It is also a very good source of folate and contains numerous fibers as well.

It is considered to be an ample vegetable which is full of taste as well as nutrients. It has numerous health benefits, some of which are stated here by us for you.

Since broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse of fibers, vitamins, anti-oxidants and many minerals. It has following health benefits:

Helpful in weight loss when you are on diet:
Broccoli is not only enriched with fibers and necessary minerals but it also has good carbs which provides the body with necessary energy, maintains body’s sugar level – stable.

It prevents constipation because of the fiber content present in it and also aids in digestion.

It can be added in salads along with other items like cucumber, carrots and olives. Also widely served with steaks all over the world and people who need to reduce their weight by cutting their unnecessary fat content majorly eat steak at least once a day.

It also contains some proteins required when you are on your way to cut carbs and reduce body fat.

Aids in detoxification:
Because broccoli is rich in fibers it helps your body

To get rid of the harmful toxins it produces through your digestive tract. The anti-oxidants present in broccoli also helps in detoxification by clearing unwanted contaminants and maintains a clear and healthy system even on genetic level.

Prevents cancer:
Broccoli helps you to stay away from cancer. Yes, true that.

It improves the immune system and increase body’s resistance to fight against cancer causing agents and rapid unwanted changes in cells. It reduces the concentration of estrogen which can be the cause of cancer in the body.

Broccoli prevents breast cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, stomach or gastric cancer and renal or kidney cancer.

Improves bone health:
Since broccoli contains necessary vitamins and minerals that helps in body’s normal functioning and growth the vitamin K helps in keeping the bones strong. It also prevents the bone disease called osteoporosis.

Because of the presence of magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, it also improves the growth of hair and nails.

Promotes healthy functioning of brain:
Broccoli supports healthy brain activity due to the bio-active compounds it contain which reduces mental decline and improves memory.

It also supports healthy brain activity and normal tissue functioning. Studies say that people who add broccoli in their diet tends to have good memory even in older age as compared to people who do not eat broccoli at all.

It contains sulforaphane which is also a bio-active compound and it supports healthy brain function even in case of reduced oxygenation as sometimes happens in case of an injury or an accident.

Maintains health heart rate:
Broccoli is also good for your heart. The sulphoraphane not only supports brain function but also prevents heart vessels from damage caused by either inflammation or problems caused by raised sugar levels in the blood.

It also keeps the cholesterol level under controlled rates and don’t let it cause problems.

Other benefits:
The other benefits of broccoli include skin care glow – it improves your skin health because of the anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

The beta-carotene in broccoli is good for your eyes along with vitamin A and vitamin E.
It also prevents pigmentation, acne and hence great for anti-ageing.

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