Natural beauty comes from the inside out, so ensuring that your skin is lifted, your hair luscious, and your lips plump demands that you keep tabs on your hydration.

Ensuring that you replenish your body at just the right times to make for a well hydrated day can in fact make all the difference in your health and beauty routine. The untimely instances of water slurping will just be wasted efforts that your body flushed out. Taking a look at the best times to hydrate, let’s break it down.

Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning

A wonderful habit that many people have adopted is drinking water as soon as they wake up. There’s nothing better that you could do to get your body up and running. Think of your body as a machine and water as the oil needed to keep it smooth running. Drinking 2 glasses (or 500mL) of water in the morning fires up your metabolism, flushes down all the toxins that have been wandering about through the night, and it wakes up your organs for a demanding day ahead.

The Japanese are all the evidence you need that this is a good habit to adopt. A startling number of Japanese men and women grow old to live beyond 100 years of age, and the common habit that they have working for them is drinking two glasses of water in the morning. As the water filters out all the impurities in your system, wait for it to come out down the lower end and then proceed with filling your temple of a body with other nutrients.

When you start following this routine, you will actually feel the water waking up every part of your body as you suddenly feel the need to eat. Surprise, surprise: you’re tummy’s awake! For those who are working on losing weight, if you wait out the 10 minutes following when you drink down your water, you’ll find that your appetite is in fact curbed and you don’t feel the need to jump straight into a heavy breakfast. The water will freshen you up and give you a few hours to space out before chowing down provided that you can wait out those 10 temptation-filled minutes.

30 Minutes Before A Meal

The second best time to be slurping down your ounces is before having a meal. Often times when we’re dehydrated, we tend to over eat in hopes of extracting whatever little water content we can from the food we eat. This in turn brings in a lot of other unwanted fats and carbohydrates that deposit in excess. Once again, for those who are looking to lose weight, always drink a glass of water a bit before your meal. You’ll feel less hungry and you’ll eat just the right amount that your body actually needs.

Although water seems to lend itself a lot to those who are looking to lose (or not gain) any weight, it comes out as a very healthy habit for those who have other agendas on their plate too. Drinking water half an hour before a meal fires up your metabolism ensuring that your body effectively breaks down all the food you eat and distributes the energy properly to all parts of the body that need it.

So, with the 2 glasses in the morning and 1 glass before every meal, we’ve got 5 out of the recommended 8 glasses out of the way.

Drinking Water Before Bed

Although there is no isolated evidence without interference from other factors to support that water before bed brings any additional startling health benefits, it does make sense logically to add in some last supply of water before your body enters into rest mode for 8 to 10 hours of the night. This is also validated by scientific evaluation of the way the cell cycle resumes and turns over in our sleep, needing the extra hydration to pump through in a healthy and non-exhaustive manner. A drawback of this though could be an interruption in your sleep cycle as you feel the need to get up in the middle of the night to pass it out of your system. If your body can handle a single glass of water throughout the night, however, it’s apparent that there’s nothing better that you can do to make for a nourished and satisfied bed time.

The Remaining 3

With 5 (or 6 if you choose to take one before bed) glasses out of the way, you’ve got 3 (or 2) to go. It’s important to evenly space these out in your day because even though your body can manage to do away with an impressive 20 – 28 liters of water a day, it can only eliminate 0.8 to 1 liters of water per hour. Drinking more than this in a single hour can actually cause your organs to work harder and give you hyponatremia symptoms by washing away a lot of the sodium that your body needs to regulate the water content of individual cells.

Take Away

Beauty comes from the inside out. A beautiful and pampered body that is well taken care of on the inside will glow through your skin to the outside world. Step away from your external products to improve the quality of your own hair and skin first to shine out with its natural beauty before relying on external covers that keep the adding years to your body.

All in all, there are a few things to hold fast to when it comes to your water intake. Follow the 8×8 rule and ensure that you’re getting at least 2 liters of water in a day. Take in 2 whole glasses of water right off the cuff when you wake up to get your body going and gulp down a glass of water before each meal of the day. With the rest of the glasses of water, space them out evenly and be careful not to take in more than 0.8 – 1 liters of water in a single hour. Everything is beneficial in moderation and too much too fast can do more harm than good. Water Intoxication is a very real concern so follow these golden rules and you’ll find yourself away from either ends of the extremes: dehydration and fatal intoxication.



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