We all go through times when we’re not feeling our best or brightest. Sometimes something has happened that pushes us into a low, but other times there’s no apparent reason for the way we’re feeling. Irrespective of what it is, it’s never healthy to loathe in a low point for too long. Even the worst of griefs must be overcome.

Once you decide to look towards a pick me up, there are some sure fire ways to get your mood cracking and sparkling again, hacks that should be in every girl’s cheat book to prop you up in the right direction and instantly freshen up your mood. We’ve listed 8 of the best shoo in beauty tips for picking yourself up when you’re not feeling like your best self.

Bright Lipstick

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The best place to start when swapping out your dull look for an instantly brighter one, is right at the center of your face. The best way to do that is through a bright shade of lipstick. When you’re bogging yourself down with dull nudes, browns, and purples, you’re setting up a suppressed impression of yourself especially when you’re not up to the task of carrying it well on yourself with positive energy.

Bright lipsticks, however, change the way people respond to you. With a pop of nice color, you instantly look more appealing, approachable, and fun, which is just the energy you need to propagate when you’re feeling down. It’ll make you feel better instantly without having to do much by yourself. Just put on some beautiful lip tint and smile, because you look stunning and everyone is surely turning heads to notice that.


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Smell is one of the strongest senses in the human body. If you smell good, you’re sure to get the attention of everyone in the room. Adding a little bit of a beautiful scent to yourself lets you feel luxurious. It also lets you feel as though your personality is accented, because they do say that the way a person smells says a lot about their personality. Are you a floral girl? A musky girl? A sea breeze girl? Or a plain powder dry and no scent deodorant girl? It’s your call. Smelling nicer will surely make you feel happier and less pushed down by all that is plain or sad in your day.


This is perhaps one of the best tips to overcoming a dull day, but it’s also one of the ones that requires the most effort. There’s no doubt about the fact that the way you dress shapes how you behave. If you’re dressed in uncomfortable clothing, you’ll be cranky. If you’re under dressed, you’ll feel ashamed. If you’re dressed to impress, you’ll feel chic and sexy and that’ll show in the way that you behave and interact with others. So, get up and spend some time glamming up because you’re at your best when your sexy and there’s no better way to feel that way then to look your very best. Get ready to catch all the compliments that come along your way too.



Heels were probably invented to make our bodies look better, because they sure get that job done. A nice pair of heels can really prop up your body, fix your posture, and make almost every part of you look ten folds better. Your butt? It looks perkier. Your calves? They look tight. Your stomach? It looks firm. Your smile? Well, of course you’re smiling now. You look beautiful and sexy, and you must feel empowered and happy. All that took was a beautiful pair of heels and nothing else at all.

Spring Clean

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If you’re really not in the mood to dress up or go out, that’s okay too. If you want to stay home and consume yourself in something else, instead of binge watching and packing on those extra calories that will make you feel pudgy and even worse later, why not get up and be productive? Get some closet cleaning done. As you use your closet every day, there are surely tons of articles of clothing that have gotten lost in the piles and racks somewhere.

Finding them can be exciting and pairing outfits as your fix your closet can excite your mood about the week to follow if not longer. You’re probably pressed down into the routine of wearing those same sweatpants or jeans and shirts every single day because that’s all you can get your hands on in the morning and that’s all you have the time and energy to coordinate with too. This clean out can bring forward some beautiful new outfits to pair together that’ll have your mood flying when you wear them and in advance merely in anticipation of them.

Retail Therapy

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New things are often the cure for old miseries. So, get out there, girlfriend, treat yourself to some beautiful new outfits, sexy heels to pair, and some gorgeous accessories to complete the look. This may go a little heavy on your pocket but I’m sure you can justify why that denim jacket was worth every penny that you spent. The excitement on your face to show off those new clothes is going to be priceless.

Get something fresh into your routine and get some new things cycling in. Even if you’re not out to buy tons of things, window shopping gives lots of fashion ideas and the whole joy ride really fixes up your mood so go for it! We’re not judging! It’s called retail “therapy” for a reason.



Are you feeling blue today? Or pink? Or leopard? Or camo? So many girls use their nails to speak their moods and their nails are one of the most well kept and prized features they have. Head over to a nearby nail salon (or do this at home if you’re up for it). Experiment with some new colors, patterns, and designs. Create some art that makes you happy and feel proud as you get to show it off. You will surely receive tons of compliments, but that’s not what matters. As long as you’re happy with how your nails look, that’s what does.

Pampering Session


At the end of the day, after the rough grind of it, sometimes all we need is a little TLC. Book an appointment and your favorite salon and spa and treat yourself to a day of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. When you’re glowing as you walk out, you’ll feel like the freshest new angel and the pampering session will surely massage all your worries away and cleanse you of all your sadness. Go for it, girl! Get all the treatments and services you want. Pamper yourself and get some loving deep into those pores because you deserve it.


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