There are so many kitchen staples that are considered beauty staples. There’s lemon, apple cider vinegar, gram flour, tomato, potato, just about any fruit and vegetable actually, honey, green tea… Do you get where we’re going with this? There are so many things in your kitchen that if you can put inside your body then why not over it for the beautifying effects that it has? That coffee sitting on top of your kitchen counter is definitely not something to overlook. It’s more than your pick me up in the morning, it’s your beauty pick me up for the entire day and here are some ways to get the most out of it.

Body Scrub


In any off the counter body scrub, you’ll see that there are small grinds of particles that are incorporated to exfoliate your skin and scrub away any dead skin cells. In organic products, these particles are often ground seeds or pulses. The coffee grounds that you’re throwing away in the morning after brewing your morning cup are just the thing that can be used in your all-natural body scrubbing routine to save you those bucks on products laden with tons of chemicals. Save your coffee grounds and mix them in with some moisturizing oil such as coconut and use this in the shower when you would normally use your body scrub. And voila! You’ve got yourself your very own reliable and organic body scrub that does just the trick.

Eye Cream

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That seems oddly counter intuitive to you right now, I bet. Why would putting a dark brown coffee powder on my eyes lessen the dark circles that I have underneath? Check the up and coming eye creams these days and notice that many use coffee for its active rejuvenating and pick me up qualities topically for your eyes as well. The very concoction that you drink in the morning to wake you up is also what your under eyes use directly to freshen up as well. If you’ve already got an eye cream, then add coffee to it to ramp up its anti-aging and beautifying effects.

Hair Rinse


Just as lemon is a wonderful hair rinse for blondes, coffee, with its natural brown color, is the perfect match for brunettes. The bleeding color of the coffee will enhance your brown tones and make your hair look more luscious and vibrant. Brew two cups of strong coffee. Let it cool a little so that you don’t burn yourself, and then soak your hair in it well. Wrap your hair up in a plastic shower cap and let it sit with the coffee infusion for a few hours before your head into the shower and rinse it out. Don’t go too harsh with the shampoos while you’re in there. The coffee color that you’ve achieved is something you’re going to want to luster off.

Odd Body Scents

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Have you been spending a lot of time in the kitchen? Do your hands smell like onions and garlic now? Coffee is considered to be an excellent scent diffuser. There’s a reason why many perfume shops keep a jar of ground coffee for customers to smell before they test other perfumes so as to not confuse the scents. It’ll do just the same to your odd smelling hands. All you need to do is grab a little bit and rub it over your hands thoroughly. When you rinse it out, you’ll be surprised that the scent will have disappeared. Say goodbye to the lack of confidence in public interactions post kitchen slaving.



Just as coffee was wonderful in your under eye cream, it is generally incredible for all things anti-ageing. One great way to harness its benefits is to mix some of your already used grounds with water as well as an essential oil such as tea tree and then massaging this mixture onto and well deep into your skin. This will help increase the blood flow and provide rejuvenating nutrients to the skin to help with cell turn over, revealing a fresh and plump layer of skin underneath.

Doing Away With Cellulite

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There are many cellulite combating expensive treatments on the market that involve some sort of fat brushing or scrubbing away. A lovely way to do this for no extra cost at all is to reuse your coffee grounds to create a cellulite scrub. Do this by mixing your grounds with some warm oil like olive oil. Take this mixture and apply it over your cellulite heavy areas and scrub in a circular motion. Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes to really brush down the cellulite underneath and break away the fats to be burned by your body. The coffee will also help firm and tighten the skin along the way as well.

Product Build Up

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In our hectic routines, there are tons of products that we use. Over weeks, these build up to leave behind the worst kind of residue. The greatest victim of product build up is the scalp. Despite shampooing, sometimes the hair is still left lifeless, lumpy, and bogged down by some sort of build up. An effective way to deal with this is to scatter coffee grounds into your scalp and let them soak up the surrounding product build up. If you’re blonde, steer clear of this unless you prefer having slightly darker roots as the coffee color may bleed into the hair strands and cause them to turn slightly brownish. Once you’ve left the coffee grounds in there for about an hour, carry on with your regular hair washing routine and watch as this next wash really gives you the squeaky clean hair feel you’ve been chasing after for a while. It is recommended to do this after every few weeks as that’s plenty of time to accumulate severe product build up in your scalp. Cleaning up the product build up also cleans your pores and prevents hair breakage due to a dirty or clogged up scalp.

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