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Amidst the Tristan-Jordyn-Khloe cheating scandal and the Kylie-Travis alleged two timing scandal, Kylie Jenner just became the youngest self-made billionaire earlier this year and was officially announced in Forbes history on the 5th of March. Through these major developments in her life, there’s no surprise now that she may not say the two magic words at the end of the aisle until her significant other has signed on the dotted lines of a prenup that protect her, her beauty empire, and their baby Stormi Webster.

A source close to Kylie has come forward to validate that yes, Kylie and Travis have been building up momentum to a proposal, engagement, or even wedding lately, but with the change in her own circumstances as well as questionable DMs that she came across implicating Travis of being unfaithful, she is foreseeably anxious about the way this will move forward. The source says that “Kylie is apprehensive of getting engaged or married to Travis but, now that she is a billionaire, she would want him to sign the biggest prenup ever to protect all her assets.”

That all sails well IF the two are set to even get married. Following Travis Scott’s leave of his concert at Buffalo, TMZ revealed that Kylie had found evidence putting Travis’s loyalty to Kylie in question. Although Travis stated that he cancelled his show due to illness, it seems that the two had a heated argument about the DMs that Kylie came across and Travis has since taken severe measures to prove to Kylie that he is wholly loyal to her and madly in love with her. Travis however is still on his Astroworld: Wish You Were Here North American tour which is why the whole melting pot of scandal is just slowly brewing and not resolving yet.

The source close to Kylie says that “Kylie is having doubts as to whether or not she will marry Travis. “She loves him and wants to trust him completely, but she just is not entirely sure. She thinks she will feel better about things when his tour is over and they can spend every day together again as a family. Until then, she worries about what he is up to on the road and doesn’t know if getting engaged right now is the right thing to do”

People accompanying Travis are keeping a lookout for his behavior and, quite frankly, given the size of this scandal, the whole world is watching to see how Travis behaves. So far, so good though. He’s been giving shout outs to his “wifey” after his concerts and has even taken a moment to celebrate Kylie Jenner’s newly announced youngest billionaire status at the end of another of his shows.

If Travis didn’t have enough reason to seal the deal with Kylie before, although money isn’t a factor to consider in love, he surely still has all the more reason watching how Kylie has gracefully come forward with her billionaire status, still retaining the core partner and family values that he fell in love with in the first place. But unfortunately, if Kylie didn’t have enough reasons to be weary, she definitely has two new ones to worry about too now: the alleged cheating and the protection of her assets.

Kylie’s not one to make hasty decisions with a head full of love so she’s bound to take this slowly and concretely in whichever direction it goes. Hoping for the two of them if it comes to it, a prenup will surely be on the table.

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