Following a scandalous few weeks that have surely been the toughest on the youngest KarJenner, 21 year old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Beauty Mogul, Kylie, is finally out and about in the public eye coping with the worst drama she’s seen, well, ever.

Kylie Jenner recently went through two great alleged “betrayals” in the public sphere, one from her BFF, Jordyn Woods, who was caught to have had a fling of disputable extent with her sister, Khloe Kardasian’s baby daddy, and one from her own man, Travis Scott, who is reported to have left a show on the road to come back home to his baby mama who had found questionable DMs implicating him of disloyalty.

Dealing with the first betrayal, Jordyn Woods came out on social media via Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk Facebook show to speak her side of the story amidst poor communication, misunderstandings, and a raging twitter war with Khloe Kardashian. This put immense pressure on Kylie to take a stance and choose between her long time best friend and other half, Jordyn, and her step sister, Khloe, amidst a very confusing battle where everyone was almost equally at fault but also almost equally not at fault. Confusing, right?

With that already plaguing poor Kylie, she also allegedly discovered DMs belonging to her man, Travis Scott, who the chose to leave a show (citing “illness) and come home to her to vouch for his loyalty, love, and commitment amidst a heating argument the two reportedly had.

It’s definitely been a melting pot of emotions for Kylie, because another thing she’s also gone through is being crowned the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes recently, totally changing her financial and influential standing which is a BIG responsibility as well. (Read: Kylie Jenner Won’t Marry Travis Scott Without A Prenup After Cheating Scandal). And, with all that, Kylie’s got her own little baby girl Stormi to look after and shower with love every single day too.


With the soup of drama that is Kylie’s life right now laid out before you, Kylie was found out at Nice Guy lounge and restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday night, all decked out and glammed up with her make up artist pal Ariel Tejada, her assistant Victoria Villaroel (to whose birthday bash, mind you, Jordyn was not invited), and her friend Yris Palmer.

“She feels like she has finally got her groove back after all the drama she has endured recently and is happy to have nights out with her friends. She’s really been leaning on her team and a few close friends for support now that she doesn’t have Jordyn around… Kylie has loved having the freedom of letting loose and being able to grab a drink with friends. She feels like she deserves to have fun right now. Now that Stormi is a little older, she feels like she can take a few nights away and not feel as guilty when she is out.” (A source close to Kylie)

The girl pack arrived at Nice Guy around 10 pm. The girls took a table at the back of the restaurant where nobody could bother them and had loads to drink as well as a lavish dinner with pizza and pasta and a great mood to go around. The girls spent a couple hours there and seemed to be having the best time. Kylie looked ecstatic to finally have a long due girls night out, throwing it all back with some of her closest pals (minus Jordyn, of course).

Following this, Jordyn commented on an Instagram post on Sunday, “A true friend is one who walks in when others walk out,” with a red heart emoji.

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