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After two successful seasons, the Netflix original 80’s inspired geeky thriller is back with more. Stranger Things is returning to the big screen high and mighty with its third season this summer, scheduled to air on July 4th. The shows first trailer has just dropped and here are our biggest takeaways on what to expect.

Starcourt Mall

So, in the last season, we were left with a mere introduction to Starcourt Mall and we’d be damned if we didn’t expect it to become prominent in the following season with Netflix airing promotions of the fictitious mall to rally up some hype as well. With the new trailer, there’s no doubt about it now that the Starcourt Mall will be featured front and center as a glitzy locale where everything messed up is about to go down.

A whole storyline is to pursue with the featuring of this new mall. We saw already that there were protests about the mall at City Hall, with beliefs that it’s going to disrupt local businesses and toss around the serene life of Hawkins in the most unappreciated way possible. So, while the kids may be psyched to have a new place in town to hang around, a great part of the adult characters’ plot is suspected to revolve around the introduction of this new mall and the (negative) impact that it has on their lives.

If you’re still in doubt about our claim, refer to the episode names list that has been released by Netflix. The season finale is titled: “The Battle of Starcourt.” I don’t believe it gets any more integral or obvious than that.

There’s Danger Up Ahead

There are rats in the trailer. Could there be anything more sinister to hint at what’s to come? The words “feeding time” don’t let the scene slide off as some mundane rodent migration but hold the image in our minds center stage of something deadly, disgusting, and disturbing to come.

Besides the general danger coming up for everyone around, there’s an imminent danger to a few of the characters that is foreshadowed in the trailer. Steve, the jerky high schooler turned mature father figure who did not opt into any of this mess is seen being injected with a syringe. That surely can’t be good. Steve’s evolution throughout season 2 has been one of the greatest things that the last season in fact accomplished. Now that he’s become a favorable character, we cannot stand seeing him get hurt. Be prepared to have this story line pull at your heartstrings as Steve is kept somewhere helpless and is in need of a breakaway.

Another imminent danger shown is cast upon the resident playboy, Billy, in the scene of him taking a shower. There seems to be an awful looking infection spreading on his arm, and given his relationship with Mike’s mom, that may be something that’ll rub off onto her (pun intended) very soon as well. Speaking of Mike’s mom… well we’ll get to that in a bit.

The Kids Are All Grown Up!

Coming down to what in the title brought you to reading this… Yes! The kids are all grown up. You didn’t think that time would stand still as the show went on break, did you? With the sinister ordeal that the children already have on their plates from the upside down mess that the town is, there’s another far more pressing issue that they’re going to have to deal with as well: puberty.

“We’re not kids anymore,” says Mike. “I mean, what did you think? We were just going to sit in my basement all day, play games for the rest of our lives?”

Throughout the trailer, the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” is playing in the background. The song makes reference to sending teenagers into the Vietnam war in the 60s and 70s. That sets the tone for the upcoming season as being a battle of sorts for the protagonists of the show. The words “teenage wasteland” also echo repeatedly, emphasizing the evolving plot of the children growing up which will change the dynamic of how the show goes on.

Besides being on the hunt for evil plot abominations and running around trying to save others from danger, the not-so-kiddy-anymore characters are going to have to deal with their own hormones and newly discovered changes. Get ready for some steamy romances brewing as the boys and girl start to discover their inner lusts and desires on the hunt together.

Back to Mike’s mom… can we take a moment to highlight the pool side scene between Billy and Mike’s mom. That’s enough to steam up our bedrooms just watching it. They’re definitely sharing a provocative moment and we expect to see more of those as the kids transition into a teenage angsty phase in their own lives as well.

Some of the other glimpses we’ve got:

Here’s Steve with a new job and a new friend as well.

Here are our favorite kids standing outside a hospital at night looking like they’ve stood up to something with fear in their hearts but bravery in their chests.

Eleven and Max appear to be newfound best friends but there’s a look of worry on their faces accompanying the smiles.

Dustin’s come home from camp and the crew is huddled around to learn about what he’s bringing home.

Are we even surprised to see the look of surprise on Joyce and Hopper’s faces? What could it be this time that’s got their jaws dropping? I wonder if it’s how mind blowing the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer is…

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