YouTuber Shane Dawson Announces Engagement Following Cat Sex Comments Backlash


The famous YouTuber Shane Dawson has just taken to social media to announce his engagement to his long time boyfriend Ryland Adams. The star announced it through a post on his Instagram account today, of three photos where he got down on one knee to pop the question to Adams. Dawson captioned the post “HE SAID YES!!!!!!! :,)))))))” and we couldn’t be happier for the newly engaged couple.

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HE SAID YES!!!!!! :,)))))))

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Messages of support have been pouring in the comments section of Dawson’s latest Instagram post. The comments range from some plain “YAY”s to “YESSS *crying face* * crying face*” to “ohmygoddd” to “So so happy for you!!” The couple has been together for three years now, and they’re nothing new to the public eye. This doesn’t come as a shock to Dawson’s fans but rather as a much awaited and heartily celebrated moment shared between the couple and fans alike.

A user on Instagram well captured the warm sentiment on Dawson’s Instagram post, commenting: “Omg!!! I’ve always been rooting for u guys and it’s finally here! The ship has sailed! Now all u have to do is have a safe and happy journey! Congratulations!” Several users have been using the hashtag #lovewins and #LGBTQ to promote homosexual rights to love and marriage.

Of the 10.3 million followers to whom Dawson broadcasted his engagement announcement, over 4 million likes came rolling in in just the first 12 hours. That’s not too bad at all after the star’s recent comments that caught a lot of heat and controversy from both his fans and critics.

The story with that goes that in 2015, Dawson made some disgusting comments about his cat in a podcast. This was highlighted in the media heavily and Dawson had no choice but to apologize publicly for it just recently. The filthy excerpt comes from a segment of Shane and Friends in which Dawson implied that he treated his cat sexually.

On Twitter, Dawson has fought the harsh remarks against him over this statement by refuting its integrity. He straight up claimed that the things that were said in the podcast never actually happened, attributing it to some funny podcast moment he was trying to create by playing upon a “dumb awful sketch idea” he had years ago.

Through his three twitter messages, Dawson concluded with a clear apology, saying that:

“im sorry for what i said about my cat, im sorry for what i said about anything or anyone that was offensive, and im sorry for being someone who thought being super offensive and shocking all the time was funny.”

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