Water chestnuts are aquatic tuber vegetable. They grow in parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and numerous Pacific islands. A water chestnut looks like a real chestnut in both color and shape, however, it’s not a nut. 

Water chestnuts are famous in numerous foods and have a variety of potential medical advantages.  

These advantages may include:  

Providing Antioxidants: 

Water chestnuts are an incredible source of antioxidants. Antioxidants enable the body’s immune system to fight against free radicals, which are harmful molecules. 

At the point when free radicals accumulate to a limited degree, they can cause a condition of oxidative stress. This can affect the body’s natural defenses and harming cells.  

Oxidative stress is connected to an expanded risk of developing chronic ailments, including cancer.  

Notwithstanding, some examination recommends that the antioxidants found in water chestnut peel can help neutralize the impacts of free radicals on the body. 

Moderating tumor growth: 

Water chestnuts have an antioxidant called ferulic acid. There is some proof that ferulic acid can help decrease or moderate the development of cancer cells. 

For instance, a test tube investigation of breast cancer found that ferulic acid both helped to kill and decrease the growth rate of the cells.  

In any case, determining if the compounds in water chestnuts can help battle the disease will require more research in humans  

Bringing down calorie consumption: 

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Water Chestnuts
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Water chestnuts are exceptionally low in calories. A large portion of some sliced water chestnuts contains only 60 calories. 

In spite of having a low-calorie count, water chestnuts contain numerous supplements, including:  

  • fiber  
  • protein  
  • copper  
  • potassium  
  • magnesium  
  • riboflavin  
  • vitamin B-6 

Bringing down high blood pressure and related risks: 

Hypertension can add to a few medical problems, including stroke and coronary illness. Potassium, a supplement in water chestnuts, is connected to reducing blood pressure.  

A 2013 survey found that expanding the intake of potassium could help to reduce blood pressure in individuals with hypertension.  

Moreover, the scientists found moderate-quality evidence to propose that a higher potassium intake could lessen the risk of stroke by 24 percent. This review thought about a higher intake to comprise of 3,500– 4,700 milligrams (mg).  

In addition to this smaller review of 11 studies found that higher potassium consumption decreased both the risks of stroke and coronary illness.  

A half cup of sliced chestnuts contains 362 mg of potassium. Adding additional potassium to a healthful eating routine may help lower hypertension and its related risks.

The most effective method to utilize water chestnuts: 

Water chestnuts are very easy to prepare and eat. Supermarkets that stock international foods frequently offer them canned or whole. Individuals can likewise buy them online. 

To utilize a whole, fresh water chestnut, strip away the external brown skin to uncover the white flesh underneath. An individual can eat the flesh raw.  

Moreover, they can also be fried, barbecued, boiled, or sautéed to give a sweet, crunchy addition to a meal.  

Depending upon the dish, an individual may serve them whole, cut, sliced, or ground up. They are well known in pan-fries, chop suey, and numerous curries.  

In addition to this, individuals can enjoy sugar coated or pickled water chestnuts as a snack. Or on the other hand, to them in a flour blend or as a thickening agent, dry water chestnuts out and crush them. 

To conclude, water chestnuts are a great source of supplements and antioxidants. So, they are a good addition to the healthful eating regimen.  

Some evidence proposes that consuming water chestnuts could help lessen free radicals in the body and lower blood pressure, among other advantages. 

Water chestnuts are very adaptable — individuals can utilize them in different types of cooking or eat them raw. 

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