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The Bachelorette’s Season 15 features a 24 year old Hannah Brown from Alabama and her quest for love has already begun. As she was immediately put before five contestants competing to contend for her heart, the first massive plot twist of the season came about. Hannah jokingly asked the show host Chris Harrison if she could give out a rose at that very meeting to which Harrison agreed. And then guess what? That’s exactly what she did. She listened to all of the contestants and then became sold on contestant Cam’s rap, handing him her first red rose, one given our so quickly as compared to past seasons.

So, besides giving out the first red rose, what else is new? Well, looking through the contestant list of the season… wait, a list of contestants before the first episode? YES! It’s not undone before, but it’s quite nontraditional as viewers must usually wait to meet the contestants on the first episode of the show. The Bachelor Nation, however, has released a list of names with photographs and bios of all the contestants competing for Hannah’s heart this season. If you’re curious, you can read up on them here.

The next big difference this season is that Hannah is the youngest contestant to partake in the Bachelorette till date. She is just 24 years old, younger than our now second youngest contestants Jojo Fletcher and Ali Fedotowsky, both aged 25. This isn’t going to be something that changes the game Some people choose to get married earlier than others, some prefer later. It’s all in the journey and finding the right companion that matters.

Hannah Brown gave an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show, and she unloaded on what she’s looking for in her perfect match coming into this new season:

“They gotta be good looking. Just a good human, good heart, kind, strong. But, ultimately, I want at the end of this to know that they know me and know every part of me, and not just some version of myself that I packaged together and was like, ‘Do you like this?’ I think I’ve done that in the past, the good and the bad, and I want that in return.”


That’s not unusual to hear. Ultimately, that’s what all Bachelors / Bachelorettes in the show are looking for. What sets Hannah apart from previous Bachelorettes? Robert Mills, the Senior Vice President of ABC says that she’s “kind of a mess.”

“There was just something about Hannah B. She felt very different. I think she almost came in thinking that she was a bit of an after-thought, you know, they’re taking this meeting, but [was] sure we were going to go with someone who finished farther in the show. I think that she was really herself. She was much more at ease. She was refreshing and we felt like this is going to be a different kind of season with her because she’s someone who is going to certainly speak her mind, own that, as she says, she’s kind of a mess.”

Having made it to week 7 of Colton’s Bachelor run, Hannah has been sort of an underdog. As Mills pointed out as well, Hannah figured that they’d want to go with someone who’d last further in the show or would somehow be better than she is, but they chose her, and that’s been rallying in a ton of support for the new star. This season everyone’s rooting for the underdog Hannah B, and this is evident as statements from former costars and Bachelor Nation celebrities are pouring in in her favor. Even her former pageant competition Caelynn Miller-Keyes dropped in a few good words for Hannah’s journey:

“I think she would be a really funny Bachelorette. I think It would be a very different season from what we’ve ever seen before. It will be unpredictable. I think with Hannah B, she doesn’t really have any restrictions. She’s just herself and funny and [quirky] whereas some leads maybe try to be more composed.”

Tune in on the 13th of May to watch the first episode of Hannah Brown’s the Bachelorette Season 15 on ABC!

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