Home Health Bluetooth Headphones: Are they Really Dangerous for our Health?

Bluetooth Headphones: Are they Really Dangerous for our Health?

Bluetooth Headphones: Are they Really Dangerous for our Health?
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Bluetooth is WiFi designed devices for the individual to speak with one another and share information, instead of to connect you to the internet. Bluetooth is risky because as regular WiFi, it transmits utilizing Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. There are hundreds of peer-reviewed logical examinations connecting RF Radiation to cancer. Indeed, even the World Health Organization classified it as a “possible cancer-causing“, which signifies “causes malignant growth”. Moreover, Bluetooth works utilizing precisely the same frequency of RF Radiation, 2.45 GHz, as your microwave does to prepare your food. 

The researchers warned that potential health risks of chronic EMF exposure include neurological disorders, cancer, learning and memory shortages, and reproductive issues, among others. The appeal called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations to adopt stricter rules for EMF exposure from our wireless gadgets to secure individuals against harmful health impacts.  

In spite of the fact that there’s been considerable research on the health risks related to EMFs, there’s been almost no on the security of long-term radiation exposure from Bluetooth or wireless earphones, as indicated by Joel M. Moskowitz, PhD, the chief of the Center for Family and Community Health at University of California, Berkeley.  

While we at present don’t have a clue about the definite health risks related to the utilization of in-ear remote earbuds, researchers are starting to comprehend the potential harm they may cause. 

What does this Bluetooth radiation mean for your Health?  

Turns out, Bluetooth innovation is connected to uncommon brain tumors, dizziness, sleep issues, uneasiness, anxiety, birth deformities and more. RF radiation thermally affects the body. That implies RF radiation has the properties to change our cell structure and make us increasingly defenseless to disease and other health issues.  

Bluetooth innovation isn’t as broadly considered as mobile phone radiation and other sources of RF radiation. All things considered, there is the suspicion the low levels of RF radiation are safe, without a genuine science backing up this case. However, numerous specialists in the field of RF radiation exposure believe that low dosages of RF radiation over an extensive period of time are a major issue.  

An ongoing article in the Daily Mail was cited saying ‘we are messing with fire’ with regards to utilizing Bluetooth devices.  

Studies show radiation, similar to that from Bluetooth gadgets can likewise break the blood-brain barrier. This barrier is the last line of defense to shield our body from harmful toxic chemicals. A few specialists accept once this barrier is broken our body is progressively defenseless to disease and other medical issues. 

Bluetooth Headphones: Are they Really Dangerous for our Health?
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Safety Measures you can Take: 

  • Use Wired Earphones  

 Individuals who remain on calls or listen to something on their telephones for extended periods of time ought to maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of wireless, Bluetooth headsets.  

  • Keep Away from Children 

Kids have vulnerable bodies – little heads, more slender skulls, and naive nerves. They are especially at more serious risk of building up any such issues whenever there is the exposure of harmful electromagnetic radiations.

It is important to keep your children from wireless earphones and headsets and teach propensities that include minimal utilization of cell phones. In the event that they need to watch kid’s shows and films, they should do as such only on speakers. 

  • Try not to use your phone on low signal

According to experts, when your phone has low signal, it produces a greater amount of such radiations that are unsafe to your health and body. It is advised that you don’t utilize your phone when the signal is poor. Moreover, possibly use it when the signal is steady and strong. 


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