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Beth and Randall Pearson, played by Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown respectively, are the on screen couple that has filled the hashtag #couplegoals with color and meaning. The two have resembled one of the strongest and most ideal couples in a TV show till date and have kept every NBC’s This Is Us watcher madly in love.  In the later episodes of Season 3, the problems widening the gap between the near perfect couple have been explored, more so in the second last episode of the season, titled “R&B.” This is the episode in which Beth & Randall go through their big breakthrough fight, with no resolution for the viewer even after the episode is over.

One of the pivotal moments in the episode was when Beth tells Randall:

“I have something that I have been looking for longer than I knew and I am not going to give that up. I am not going to bend. And that’s the problem. Our lives don’t work unless I’m doing the bending.”

In the This Is Us after show for this episode (the after show heirs after every single episode to discuss the happenings, by the way), Susan Kelechi Watson said in a conversation with her costar Sterling K. Brown and the show’s co-producer Kay Oyegun:

“This idea of, ‘This time I’m not going to bend, so I don’t know how this is going to work.’ It only works when I’ve bent, in my mind, so I don’t know how this is going to work. That has the thing that has shaken, I think us, shaken the audience, is that there really is something hanging in the balance that we’ve never done before as a couple.”

In later episodes of the third season, we see flashes of the future in which Beth & Randall aren’t visibly together. We see a glimpse of Randall with his (newly exploring Lesbian) daughter, Tess, and we see Beth at her Dance School, standing alone. We see the two interact on some occasion with tension and hardness hanging in the air. And, now, we (viewers) find ourselves biting our nails and pinching our seats waiting to see if the couple makes it out of the struggle that they’re entering.

Why would they do this to Beth & Randall? Why would they ruin couple goals for us? Sterling K. Brown explained that:

“We wanted them to have a relationship that was worth of the #Goals that people put in front of us, but also have it be earned. And by that what I mean is you have to see people go through something and hopefully make it through to the other side. That’s the relationship you want to aspire to be. It’s not going to be peaches and ice cream all the time, but if you can actually go through something, come out on the other side and love each other even more, that’s goal worthy in my opinion.”

The show airs every Tuesday at 9pm on NBC. Tune in to see where the boat sails for the couple. Let’s hope it’s toward some sort of reconciliation, but that doesn’t seem probably (in this season at least).

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