As the first day of one of the greatest music festivals Ultra 2019 concludes and people start to head out of the venue, something nearby the stage catches fire and immediately grabs the attention of the people around, causing fear and panic.

The fire seemed to be growing bigger causing a wave of rush among the people who were already in a hurry to leave the venue, resulting in riots and almost causing stampedes. However, no injuries have been reported so far.

Captured by the attendees, this looks like a tree on fire due to fireworks but exact details are still unknown.

However, the sight of fire caused an immediate discomfort among the masses and people started pushing their way out of the crowd, which resulted in many fights on scene. People are still reporting the incident on Instagram live stories and Twitter at the moment, raising questions on the security measures taken for the a massive music festival of the year.


Ultra Music Festival which is a hit outdoor electronic music festival happening every year in Miami, Florida, United States, and is famous for its crazy sets and stage, gathers thousands of youngsters from all over the globe at one platform to enjoy the 3 days events of music festivity accompanied by famous DJs like Alesso, Marshmello etc.

However, no incident of such nature has ever been reported before at Ultra. Which is why people are questioning the safety and security measurements taken for the event.

“Thankfully the fire didn’t break out in the middle of the event, otherwise it would have been a mess and would have definitely caused dangerous incidents like stampede due to fear and panicm which could result in a massive number of death”, says one of the attendees of Ultra 2019.

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