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Game of Thrones New Season 8 Teaser is Worrisome


HBO just released Game of Thrones season 8’s latest teaser 2 hours ago and it wouldn’t be exaggerating to call it a glimpse of all the most depressing scenes the new season is about to bring.

Teaser starts with a sight of what looks like an aftermath of the battle at Winterfell with the belongings of all the major characters scattered around. A ripped flag of House Stark is still waving but no sight of life is seen on the spot.

And then one by one you get to witness the belongings of our favorite characters lying in the snow, which also reveals the presence of the people who would be there against white walkers in Winterfell.

The first one shown in the teaser is the Tyrion Lannister’s pin which was given to him by Mother of Dragons as an honor to label him as her “Hand of the King”.

Then comes the beloved needle sword of Arya Stark which was given to her by Jon Snow. Through out the season we have seen Arya defending herself and fighting using that sword. She always kept it close to her.

Seeing Arya running away from something in the previous teaser revealed already made us worried for her life and now this has added more anxiety to our tension.

Next comes the sight of Bran Stark’s chair which looks wrecked into pieces. It looks like the chair was thrown down the stairs or from the roof. We just hope that Bran wasn’t sitting on it the time it was destroyed.

Then you see Jamie Lannister’s golden hand lying in the snow, followed by the sight of Dany’s dragon chain which is handing beside Jamie’s hand.

Does it mean that Jamie was there with Dany at the time they were attacked? We don’t know that yet but one thing we know for sure is that Jamie didn’t get manipulated by his sister and left to fight with Starks against the Walkers.

Moving on to the last one, the scariest of all, Jon Snow’s sword which is made up of Valyrian Steel, which means that it could kill walkers. So what went wrong?

However, we don’t exactly know what this teaser actually means. It is highly unlikely that all of the major characters are dead dying in the last season, Definitely not. So what is this teaser actually indicating? May be is it about everyone in the last season losing their powers, as each material is the sign of its owner’s power and realm.

Let us know in the comments what you think this new horrifying teaser of Game of Thrones actually mean.


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