It’s official! Selena Gomez, Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Rosie Perez, and Caleb Landry Jones are starring in a movie that’s going to make the walking dead seem cool again. Their new movie is titled The Dead Don’t Die, and its trailer has just dropped with a star-studded cast as heavy as the zombies It has crawling across the screen.

The movie is directed by Jim Jarmusch who is also known for having directed Only Lovers Left Alive. It’s about a town called Centreville where one day the residents find out that their town is being taken over by zombies. It sounds cliché, but the trailer must have convinced you by now otherwise. The slogan of the movie is: “The greatest zombie cast ever disassembled.” We hope you got the reference in that one.

The dilemma breaks out when a pair of zombies show up at a local diner and cut open the bodies of its waiters (yes, gruesome). Driver’s character, a police officer, is the only one who suspects that it may be the work of something other than a vicious wild animal. He says “I’m thinking zombies. You know, the undead. Ghouls” to a fellow police officer. The title gives you the obvious cue that he’s correct, but he does seem oddly chill about it. Then again, who wouldn’t about something so seemingly preposterous to common folk and mundane routine.

Selena Gomez, the most anticipated star of the movie, plays a teenager who is utterly frustrated and bothered by the dead taking over her town. Sounds like an overly chill and indifferent response, but nonetheless, it’s good to see Gomez back up on the big screen, especially after her last role in A Rainy Day In New York which we may never get to see due to controversies.

It’s all got a bit of an easygoing comic touch to it. The police officers are chill, the teenagers couldn’t care less (except for the fact that the whole situation is annoying), and there’s barely any screaming in the movie. It seems that nobody’s really scared of the zombies out to cut them open and eat their flesh, but okay! The mortician character who does the makeup for dead people in the movie is miraculously a martial arts master as well. If everything else has been so easy come easy go, why not this too?

What else will the movie hold that hits some extraneous reality of unresponsive characters in an apocalyptic world. We wonder if this is a satire of the response that is expected from our own generations to come, should (if ever possible) there is a zombie apocalypse that we face in reality.

The first trailer released for the movie is displayed above. It’s scheduled to hit cinemas on June 14, so save up your summer ticket cash to buy in on some of this zombie action as well. It’s bound to be a refreshing comic watch especially if you’re looking for something surprising yet seemingly laid back.



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