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Kim Kardashian is honest with us that she’s “stressing” about the arrival of her fourth baby whom she’s expecting with Kanye West via surrogate. Kim Kardashian is not new to surrogacy. Her previous baby girl, Chicago, was also brought into the family via surrogacy due to Kim’s personal challenges taking on another pregnancy. While having someone else go through the process makes it physically less straining, it seems that the 4th time mom to be is still freaking out about the arrival of the new little one, who will be only a year apart from the current youngest child.

Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby boy. The two have been busy preparing the baby’s room which is not yet complete, something that’s worrying Kim given that the baby is due very soon. Before the baby is here, though, Kim has done a 73 questions with vogue segment as just a family of five, answering questions about their family and dishing on details about the upcoming addition as well.

The video begins with Kanye west answering the door, and then goes around the super stars’ Hidden hills home, a product of Kanye west and interior designer Axel Vervoordt that Kim described as “minimal monastery.” In the video, she’s accompanies by Kanye as well as their three children, North West 5, Saint West 3, and Chicago West 15 months.

Talking about parenthood, the stars commented on their favorite parts. For Kim, her favorite was hearing her kids tell her “I love you.” (Awww!) And, for Kanye, well, he just said “the kids,” everything about them, that’s what he loves about parenthood. (Another Awww!) On the topic of good parenting, Kim said that “you just have to wing it.” She also said that of all things, she wants her kids “to learn to be kind and to treat everybody the same way.”

Coming down to baby names for baby no. 4, Kim said that:

Saint wants to name him Sainty too! [the new baby will] definitely not have another direction [for a name]. That is all for North. And actually, Anna [Wintour] had some influence in naming North because once she heard that rumor, she asked me and said that name was ‘genius,’ so that was helpful to me.”

Of the kids, Kim said that Saint is perhaps the most excited to meet his new baby brother. That way, he will have a new play mate and North will be able to play with Chicago.

Getting into the Jazz of the couple’s relationship, Kim said that she knew Kanye was the one for her when she went to his Paris fashion show, and Kanye said he knew likewise when he saw a paparazzi picture of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Kim also said that one valuable thing that Kanye has taught her is being confident, and one important thing she believes she taught him is through her financial advice on saving.

One of the best presents that Kanye has ever gotten Kim is a box containing Adidas socks, Apple Headphones, and Mickey Mouse last Christmas. WHAT?! She then explained that after she had opened the box, Kanye explained that he bought her major stocks in all three companies.

There’s this and much much more in Vogue’s 73 Questions with Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West)!

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