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Demi Lovato hit Number 1 in 2009 when she debuted with “Here We Go Again” at age 16, since then Billie Eilish is the youngest woman to hit Number 1. That said, Billie Eilish is also the first ever singer-songwriter to hit Number 1 having been born in the 2000s. Being a December 2001  baby, Billie Eilish is only 17 years old and has secured that esteemed position on the charts.

Where did Billie Eilish’s inspirations emerge from? It seems that she first began getting influenced by her dad’s mixtapes which contained music from Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, and the Beatles). Since then, she was sucked into the music that her brother and co-songwriter, Fineas, listened to as well as a a teenager. That contained music from Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Lana Del Rey. She says, though, that it was the hip-hop she listened to at age 11 that truly inspired her to crack out some of her own music. She says:

“I was like, ‘Holy shit!’ I remember my mind exploding. Hip-hop changed everything that I thought I knew.”

It must be a world of joy to get a personal tweet out from your childhood favorite, Avril Lavigne, congratulating you on your new album and gushing about how incredible it is. Avril Lavigne tweeted:

There were supportive remarks coming from many other celebrity personalities as well, including Hayley Williams, Tegan and Sara, Hilarie Burton, Catie Turner, and Alexander William Gaskarth.

What sets Billie Eilish apart from other pop singers today? While she has an incredible voice and some powerful lyrics, the thing that sets her apart most is probably her personality. She acts like a tomboy, unlike other female singers in the industry, and she also dresses like a tomboy too. In addition to that, her lyrics are considered to be coming from a very dark, sometimes relatable, but also scary place. Her music videos are a whole new level of visual horror.

A lot of fans think that Billie Eilish is reminsicent of Avril Lavigne when she was her age. Below are two photos of the two singers at age 17. The first picture is a photo of Billie Eilish while the second one is a picture of Avril Lavigne at age 17 or 18. The resemblance in dressing, style, and overall looks is uncanny.

The two look strikingly similar. That comparison made, though, a lot of observers, onlookers, fans, and followers state that Billie Eilish has the kind of personality where she isn’t behaving a certain way in public just to climb higher in the public’s eye. She is who she is and she shows that by staying true to her personality, beliefs, and work always.

Had Billie Eilish not had this key personality trait of always behaving unapologetically like herself, perhaps there wouldn’t have been anything that set her apart in the main stream eye above other singer sand songwriters. She may have come across another enthusiastic Lana Del Rey wannabe with a nice voice.

Age is definitely not just a number for this young girl, and there’s a wonder of more things we expect to come out of her as she develops in the industry.

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