Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish have gone from being distant singer-songwriters to singer-songwriters in conversation on social media. Way to slide into her DMs, Justin!

On the first of this month, The Ellen Show premiered an episode featuring Billie Eilish in which Ellen and Billie talked about what seemed like a crush that Billie has on Justin Bieber. She gushed as she heard Ellen saying that she should meet Justin Bieber, getting excited and anxious at the same time wondering if Ellen had already arranged for such a meeting on air. When Ellen said that she hadn’t, Billie relaxed herself again and then gushed about how Justin Bieber sat on the same sofa that she was sitting on right now. The two also celebrated that Justin Bieber is now following Billie Eilish on Instagram.

Fast forward almost two weeks, Justin Bieber just commented on Billie Eilish’s Instagram post from 6 days ago, saying “Yoooo check ur dm gurl”. We can only wonder the butterflies and crazy feelings that Billie Eilish is experiencing right now, a girl who ever so obviously has a crush on now married Justin Bieber, and is insanely lucky to be sought out by Justin in private conversation.

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We can only wonder what the two must be talking about. Given that Billie has a major crush on Justin, and that Justin and Hailey have been going through some rough patches as a newly married couple, how will this have an effect on their married life as well as Justin’s own mental struggles (he has been going through episodes of the worst kind of depression lately).

Justin Bieber’s been strong to make headlines lately. On the first of this month, while Billie was busy giving it away on The Ellen Show that she has a major crush on Justin Bieber, Justin was busy off in his own corner planting an ill-received prank on social media of a sonogram of his and Hailey Bieber’s April Fools’ “baby.” The prank did not take well on social media, especially having come after a statement from Justin Bieber addressing his very real emotional health issues, talking about how he hopes to be better so that he can be a wonderful father to his and Hailey’s baby in the future as well.

With that being said just a few days prior, obviously people were caught into the prank. Most people believed it and didn’t question the reveal’s odd timing. Others believed it with the thought that one wouldn’t lie about having a baby, but as it turned out, it was indeed a prank. Social media was full of outrage, not only because it was a prank, but because had it been real, fans were heavily against Hailey and the two of them having a child. This only goes to show Justin’s fans’ response to if/when he does in fact have his own baby with Hailey.

Billie Eilish has been making headlines lately with her out of the box music video concepts and her impeccable voice. With Justin Bieber also in the headlines for personal issues and concerns, we only hope that their friendship is taken well by both Hailey and the two celebrities’ own fans (who have shown to be unsupportive of the things Justin holds dear on several occasions).

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