If you’ve scrolled around on the news online or any social media platform, you must have been bombarded by news of the Royal family. It is alleged that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has been having an affair with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s best friend, Rose Handbury. We’ll get into the roots of the rumor right here, however, since the Royal family has not commented concretely on the issue (as expected in case of news of such nature) nothing can be concluded about the story for sure. So, we’ll let your decide for yourself. Although, the fact that the Royal family did not comment yet on such critical news does point in a worrisome direction in itself, but then again the nature of the news is ever so sensitive to the palace’s reputation and the circumstance demands care in response.

Let’s first address where this news stems from. Recently, Royal family followers have observed that Kate Middleton has broken off her friendship with her long time best friend Rose Handbury. The reason for this is claimed to be the allegation that Prince William was found having an affair with Handbury which left Middleton with no choice but to break off her friendship. This rumor first surfaced about a month ago when British journalist Nicole Cliffe made headlines on Twitter when she announced that the Duchess of Cambridge had been cheated on by her husband, Prince William.

This news was soon followed up by an entire cover story that was published by In Touch Magazine which built upon the same rumor, alleging that the affair had been in the works for quite a while and that Prince William had been involved with Handbury since the time that Middleton was pregnant with their third child. The story went on to add that following reports of the rumor, a palace source revealed that Kate Middleton confronted the Prince, to which he laughed and responded saying “there’s nothing to it.”

With that cover story detailing the likes of Prince William’s alleged affair, several other news outlets also caught on. Daily Mail, The Sun, and many more also detailed Kate Middleton’s falling out with her best friend, claiming that she asked Prince William to “phaser her out,” indirectly linking the story to a potential affair between the Prince and Handbury which is to blame for the broken friendship.

The Royals have not yet commented on the news, but officials close to the palace have said that the rumor “was totally wrong and false.” It has been reported that several news agencies and publications have received warnings to refrain from publishing such news. According to the Daily Beast, at least one publication has in fact been served with a legal warning case to stop publishing fake rumors.

While the fact that the Royal Family has not explicitly commented on the news may suggest that the Royal family stands in a position where they’re trying to cover something up, it is expected to have such a subtle and pressed response from them as rumors of affairs associated with the Royals do not sail well with the values that the family stands upon. Perhaps that’s why they’ve chosen to remain quiet and let the “false” news die away. We’ve seen what happened with the Charles-Diana-Camilla story; it’s best for the family to not let something of the sort repeat itself.


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