Talk about a way to raise awareness for breast cancer! There is a famous bra fence in Cardrona, a place which has now been dubbed the name Bradrona, where a fence runs along the roadside, covered with bras donated by visitors. The fence spans all the way down the driveway to The Cardrona which is a quad bike and house trek business at the end of Snow Farm Road.

A pink sign and a collection box are also located there where people can donate towards the breast cancer awareness and treatment cause, supporting programs that aim to treat and eradicate the sickness. In its initial days, the box collected roughly USD $200 every day from visitors, tourists, and passersby.

A local tour guide at The Cardrona, Kelly Spaans, says “If we could make a couple of hundred dollars a week for the Breast Cancer Foundation, how cool is that?” This only goes to show how proud the locals are of the initiative and how supportive they are of the cause and of the setup attracting people to it.

Locals in the region such as the tour guide herself and her partner Sean Colbourne even put in hours of self driven guardianship of the fence, protecting it from harm and unwelcome attitudes despite not being required to do so. The two work at The Cardrona, but are happy to look after this setup nearby as well.

Since then, several incidents have occurred where people have come down and cut the fence, stolen articles from it, or tried to sabotage the effort in other ways. There’s only a limit to which the two guides at The Cardrona could protect the long fence. A while later, the two decided to move it into their own driveway beside the Cardrona Valley Road to keep the fence from being attacked by such perpetrators.

The bra fence even has its own Facebook page which got more than 10,000 likes in just 24 hours. When people started to hear of the fence getting attacked and its bras getting stolen, many women mailed in their own bras to Kelly Spaans as replacement to ensure that the tradition of the fence lived on. Ever since the fence setup was moved 100 meters down the road to the internal driveway fence, the vandalism and theft at the setup ceased.

On the new found name of the place, Kelly Spaans mocked at those who stood to tear down this effort and commented:

The Bradrona name’s been thrown around a little bit since. It is more of a dig at the the thieves. If we named the valley Bradrona, they would hate that.”

All in all, the initiative is one celebrated by locals dearly. It’s become an attraction for people from all over the world to visit and support the cause of. Many photos have been circulating the internet of women visiting the fence and leaving their own bras there in show of support for breast cancer awareness. It’s surely a unique way to draw the attention and it seems that it’s getting its job done.

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