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If the rapper’s drama with Cardi B wasn’t enough to catch the public eye, he’s now managed to earn himself an arrest warrant for criminal property damage. The extent to which the allegations are true or whether the arrest warrant is indeed targeting the correct offender is still unconfirmed, but by the looks of how things stand, there’s a police force looking for Offset and if he gets caught in the wrong neighborhood, the encounter may not go down well for him.

While the star was out on Wednesday night walking the red carpet with his lady, Cardi B, who after several public confessions of love has now decided to give her baby daddy another whole hearted chance, the police in the rapper’s native hometown of Georgia were out with an axe to grind and some warrants to arrest the rapper when found.

The allegations against the rapper are paraphrased under the banner of “criminal property damage.” There aren’t any public details as of yet regarding the damages, timeline, or nature of the activity but the arrest warrant has been out since the 28th of April with an arrest not yet made. Sources who have reached out to the rapper’s attorney in this matter have not heard back either, leaving the allegations loosely stretched out.

From what could be understood of the reason behind the arrest warrant through a report published by ABC affiliate WSB-TV, the arrest warrant comes out of an incident at Target where a video went viral that showed the rapper smacking a cellphone out of a fan’s hand violently. The phone knocked out of hand is estimated to have been worth USD $800. The actual cost of the handheld device aside, the activity and behavior in engagement is considered harassment. There has been no comment from Offset’s side explaining or defending the rapper’s actions as shown in the video.

For someone who has no trouble being in the spotlight (which is ever so evident through the public escapade that his arguments, fights, break ups, and make ups with Cardi B had become), the rapper surely mustn’t be appreciating this kind of spot light. That said, though, this isn’t the first time he’s been caught up with the law.

Besides the “criminal property damage” arrest warrant out for him now, the rapper also has a list of other charges attached to his name which include him facing a felony charge for firearms possession b a convicted felon. He is also being charged for misdemeanor in the possession of marijuana as well as an improper lane change that come out of a July 2018 arrest. The felony charge with regards to the possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime was dropped for the rapper. Nonetheless, it’s evident that he’s not new to getting caught up on the wrong side of the law and this latest arrest warrant is another example of just that

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