Through the news received from the palace regarding Meghan Markle’s pregnancy, we were all told that she was due sometime in April. April has come to pass and there seems to be no sign of her going in to labor (no matter how secretively the royals are going about it) despite baby watchers camping around and being on the full fledged lookout for the newest royal baby’s arrival.

Many things recently do point towards the fact that Meghan Markle may be due anytime now. She went into maternity leave just a while back. She did come out of maternity leave in between to honor the Christchurch victims but went back into it promptly. Since then, even on occasions warranting her presence, she has been absent. Meghan Markle hasn’t been seen around much lately, even around her own home at Frogmore Cottage where the couple moved to live independently ahead of their baby’s arrival.

In case of her own isolation and privacy, these are all understood measures that she has been taking to safeguard herself and her future baby from any stress, pressure, or influence as she comes closer to giving birth. Prince Harry, however, has still been on the go, fulfilling his duties as a non-pregnant Royal would. He has been attending meetings, occasions, celebrations, gatherings, briefings, and the like. The prince has also been travelling, but just now, he seems to have cancelled a scheduled travel, indicating that the birth is likely due in the next few days.

The Prince was scheduled to travel to Amsterdam on the 8th of May, but after the trip getting held up, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a statement explaining the following on Friday:

Due to the logistical planning for the travelling press to cover visits and engagements by The Royal Family, we have taken the decision to postpone The Duke of Sussex’s scheduled visit to Amsterdam on Wednesday 8th May 2019”

The statement continues:

The Duke is currently scheduled to travel to The Hague on Thursday 9th May for the launch of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 as planned.”

This is a sure shot indicator that Meghan Markle is due sometime now before the 9th of May so that Prince Harry can be present as she gives birth to their first child, another heir to the royal throne. Meghan Markle told passersby on an engagement sometime in February that she was 6 months along and due sometime at the end of April or in early May.

Several speculated that perhaps Meghan Markle has already given birth in secret and this trip cancellation is just so that Harry can spend time with her and their new baby. After all, she was due in April. The palace has confirmed, though, through a statement that the “baby hasn’t been born yet.”

That said, baby watchers are camping more firmly than ever in anticipation of the news of another royal baby any hour now.

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