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Logan Paul isn’t someone new to the YouTube stardom headlines. The scandalous and well followed YouTuber Logan Paul is now making headlined yet again, this time hard in training as he is preparing himself to take part in a Russian male slapping contest where he plans to test out his endurance against the country’s standing undefeated slap competition champion: Vasiliy Kamotskiy.

This male slapping competition operates under the official enet name ‘Battle on Volga’ in Russia. It is scheduled to take place this year in the city of Tver, Russia, on the 25th of May (mind you, just 9 days away). The slap fight tournament will be held at the Fitness Weekend 2019 expo on May 24-27. The Battle On The Volga is the newest addition to the Dmitry Yashankin’s Fitness Weekend in collaboration with Generation Iron.

Logan Paul is not new to non-digital (read: actual) sports. He took part in a massively followed boxing match against fellow YouTube celebrity KSI. Even though neither competitor had any background, skill, or experience in the sport, the match still reeled in unprecedented views as the world tuned in to watch the two compete. The match ended in a majority draw last year, let’s see what this year’s conquest has in store for Logan Paul.

This time around Paul won’t have to concern himself with tightening up his jab or working on his footwork so much, as his tactics for the upcoming slapping battle, in which he will compete opposite Russia’s most decorated ‘slap champion’ is a little more straightforward.

Paul will compete against the gargantuan current champion Vasily Kamotskiy – known simply as ‘Pelmen’ (Russian for Dumpling). Pelmen, whose 370lbs can command quite the effective slap (remember momentum = mass x velocity from physics? Well, that’s a LOT of momentum to be felt!), dominated the slap competition at the 2019 Siberian Power Show with a series of conclusive victories (OUCH for the souls on the other end of these battles). Logan Paul will also go head to head against Sergey Mironov later on.

The Russian, who works as a farmer, already shot a video message for his future opponent, in which he says “Hello, Logan Paul” and shows his preparation for the battle. The YouTuber re-posted the clip on his Twitter account with the caption “The Russians are preparing…”

Earlier this month, another YouTuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, posted a video of him slapping Paul after the pair agreed that the loser of a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ would suffer that particular penalty. However, Zdorovetskiy’s slap contained only a fraction of the horsepower that Paul can expect in Russia later this month.

Nonetheless, the YouTuber appeared confident after the slap saying, “I’m ready for Russia, bro!”

This isn’t expected to be Paul’s sole athletic endeavor this year, with speculation rampant that he will rematch KSI in a celebrity boxing match in November following last year’s majority draw.

Paul, who has a wrestling background now following the matches against KSI, has also outlined his desire to compete in mixed martial arts and has reportedly sounded out UFC President Dana White as to a potential opportunity. White has dismissed this speculation. Perhaps the man is getting a little too ahead of himself, but we applaud the ambition and wish him (and his face) best of luck going into the upcoming slap competition in a few days!


–  This story was originally published on rt.com

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