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After 8 seasons of gut wrenching and ever so addicting episodes that had a record 19.3 million viewers binging like there’s no tomorrow, Game of Thrones aired its series finale on the 19th of May, 2019, just a few days ago, (I know we’re all still recovering). Maisie Williams, the English actress who is best known for her debut and most popular role of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, has now pulled away from the look we’ve all gotten used to seeing her in through 8 seasons worth of episodes.

Maisie Williams has been better known as Arya Stark for the greater part of the decade and the brunette locks she’s rocked through the seasons have become her set look. Last year, around November, though, she did trade in to try out a bubblegum pink shade hair color but that was short lived as she went back to her go-to brunette look, until now!

On Sunday, the actress shared a photo of herself on Instagram, announcing her new look just ahead of the series finale. She’s pictured with a dark root long blonde and straight haired look, with her eyes vibrant sea green and her skin raw and pale, lips plump and pink. The star captioned the photo with a black heart. It was the last tease before going into the airing of the series finale, a much anticipated and heart breaking episode for both the cast and crew as well as watchers and fans alike.

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While Maisie Williams has stuck to the brunette look for a very long time, she became experimental last year when the final season’s filming began. She rocked some lilac hair at the season’s premiere back in April, went on to dying her hair pink just a week later. She also had that bubblegum hair in November that we already mentioned, mind you. Not only is Maisie Williams up to experiment around with her hair, she’s also bold to try unique fashionable shades besides the regular shades of blonde and brown.

After the bubblegum pink episode, she said in a statement in the January of this year that

“For the first time since I signed the contract when I was 12, I’m out of a contract now. I don’t have to do anything for anyone. I didn’t realize how exciting that was going to be until I’m here now and so, I dyed my hair pink and I cut it and I did everything because I haven’t been able to do any of these things.”

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